Small Master Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Finding small master bedroom ideas is challenging enough, but it can be a daunting task when you’re on a budget. Here are a few useful tips and tricks you can use for your tiny master bedroom!

5 Small Master Bedroom Ideas That Pack A Serious Punch

When we hear “master bedroom,” we usually think of a big space fit for a master. But as homes get smaller, so do the rooms. I know so many people on the hunt for small master bedroom ideas these days! So I asked around and got a few small bedroom ideas you don’t need to spend and arm and a leg on. Some of them just require a bit of creativity, effort, and making the most of what you already have. Sounds easy enough, right?


1. Add Extra Shelving

This is a no-brainer—if you don’t have the space, create it! Make your own floating shelves or buy an affordable storage system. Whichever you choose, adding shelving is still cheaper than a total room renovation!


2. Bare Walls

Keeping your walls clean can help open up your room and create an illusion of space. At the same time, it will also save you money on wall decor. The best small master bedroom ideas hit two birds with one stone, if you ask me.


3. Add Mirrors

add mirrors | Small Master Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

image via The Block Shop

If you can’t create more space, the least you can do is give off an illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors do just that! Plus, they’re inexpensive and double as all the wall decor you need.



4. Adjust To Your Space

adjust to your space | Small Master Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

image via Ikea

One of my main rules for decorating small rooms is: if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it! While we can create space, or the illusion of it, at the end of the day you need to face reality and scale down. If that huge antique dresser takes up your whole room, maybe it’s time to find a more space-saving solution!


5. Live Simply

Live Simply | Small Master Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

image via The Hired Home

Living simply won’t only help you save money, it’s also one of the best and simplest small master bedroom ideas you can do. Clean up your room, get rid of all the furniture and decor you want but don’t really need—and keep your room that way.


Watch this video for more small master bedroom ideas:

See? With a bit of ingenuity and a few floating shelves, you’ll do more than just make do with a small room—you’ll win at small-space living! You might even grow and learn to love your small space. Believe me, tiny apartments have their own plus sides too.


What are your go-to small space hacks? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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