7 Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Japanese bedroom ideas are so much more than cherry blossoms and sliding doors. Read on for Japanese bedroom inspiration, plus a crash course on Japanese culture!

See The World Through Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

Japan has always been one of my personal favorites because it has best parts of modern living without ever forgetting their centuries-long legacy of culture and tradition. I also love how Japanese philosophy emphasizes the beauty in imperfection. Learning about Japanese life shows us how their culture is so much more than cherry blossoms, Bonsai, and sliding doors. Japanese bedroom ideas are actually very modern, and includes clean, sharp lines, extreme functionality, and a personal touch. They’re not so different from the qualities we look for in bedrooms, if you ask me!


1. Zen-Inspired

Zen is a philosophy carried over from China by the Japanese, and it emphasizes the importance of meditation in daily life. That black circle you see on the accent wall is called a “ensō,” which reflects a clear mind and creative body. So if you want to go further with your Japanese bedroom ideas, I say go for Zen-inspired wall decals or art! They make for a meditative, relaxing bedroom.


2. Light and Dark

The concept of “yin and yang” is also a huge part of Japanese culture. In the West, we push contrast to the limits and find beauty in the extreme. But when it comes to Eastern cultures like Japan and China, they have a knack for making seemingly contrasting elements blend together. When we use contrast it usually shocks or pops out, but this Japanese bedroom looks so calming and simple! I love the touches of red—it makes the Japanese bedroom dynamic and interesting.


3. Industrial

Industrial | 7 Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

image via Home Adore

In terms of modern Japanese bedroom ideas, they’re one of the world’s best places to look for industrial design inspiration. See how warm and cozy they made concrete walls, wood furniture, and grey beddings look? They key is to use all sorts of different shapes and textures.


4. East Meets West

One of the first things I learned about Japanese culture is how they’re so open to fresh, new ideas to keep things interesting. But at the same time, they know their identity and personality so well that it shines through, no matter how far or different their ideas are! So try it for yourself by combining your favorite parts of Eastern and Western design. I love the woven walls, picture windows, and modern colors like purple and blue. But I also love the Japanese-inspired bed and clutter-free look of this space!



5. Light Wood

Light Wood | 7 Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

image via Dwell

Many Japanese rooms are bright, probably because they love light wood! I do too, and I love how the light wood window-turned-seating area instantly transformed this into a Japanese-inspired bedroom.


6. Small Space

Small Space | 7 Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

image via The Ultra Linx

Whether you’re looking for Japanese bedroom ideas or not, if you need small space inspiration you have to turn to the Japanese. They are masters of small spaces, trust me! And a lot of their solutions are very straightforward—sliding doors, clutter-free spaces, big windows, and only essential furniture. If you don’t need it, junk it! When I think about it, this is a very Zen way of living in the 21st century!


7. Relaxing Blue

Relaxing Blue | 7 Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

image via Dezeen

Japanese bedroom ideas usually have very natural colors—black, brown, white, maybe the occasional red and green from ornamental plants. But blue is also a very common color in Japanese design, mainly because they’re very close to the sea and ocean. Look at Japanese paintings and you’ll see many waves and seashores! So if you’re looking for a pop of color for your Japanese bedroom ideas, blue is the way to go.


Watch this video to see what a real Japanese bedroom looks like!

I think you know by now that I adore Japanese culture. I find it’s so dynamic and interesting. Every time I look at Japanese bedroom ideas,  I do learn something new! Their home decor and design gives us insight on how they live, what they value, and who they are as a culture. Isn’t it amazing how powerful design can be?


Which Japanese bedroom ideas do you like to recreate for your own room? Let me know in the comments section below!

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