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by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Great design and stylish decor aren’t just for adults! Kids bedrooms are some of the most fun and enjoyable spaces to design and decorate because you can really let your imagination run wild. After all, kids bedrooms are meant for hours and hours of fun and play. But sometimes, “sky’s the limit” can be a challenge—where do you begin decorating kids bedrooms? So before you start personalizing your kids bedrooms, get interior inspiration from these amazing kids bedrooms.

12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

These Kids Bedrooms Combine Style With Tons of Fun

I always love designing and decorating kids bedrooms, because it’s a chance to bring out my inner kid! When you decorate a space, you should always consider what the space will be used for. Living rooms are for entertaining and relaxing, dining rooms are for, well, dining, and kids bedrooms are for hours and hours of play. The best way to create a space that encourages play and fun? Have fun every step of the way! Mix and match colors, get creative with themes and designs, and don’t forget to let your inner kid shine. Your kids will have so much fun in a room that looks enjoyable and inviting to begin with!


1. Wood Pallet

Wood Pallet | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Project Nursery

Incorporating wood pallet furniture or decor in kids bedrooms can help bring the outdoors into your home. Putting together some DIY wood pallet projects is also a great way to bond with the family!


2. Teal and Pink

Teal and Pink | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Nous Decor

Pink is a classic color for girls rooms, but it can be a bit too common. To make your kids bedrooms more unique, pair pink with a different color like teal, aqua, or turquoise. Doesn’t this teal and pink room look so bright and cheery?


3. Relaxing Neutrals

On the other hand, neutrals can be fun too. If you have a lot of toys and all sorts of colors, neutrals can provide a relaxing backdrop. Definitely not boring!


4. Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Sarah Sarna

I always wanted a bunk bed growing up, even if we had enough space for regular beds. When you’re a kid it’s really fun to have someone else around to talk to and play with. So bunk beds aren’t just a space-saving trick to use in kids bedrooms, but they’ll also create wonderful memories for your kids.


5. Polka Dots and Pastels

Polka Dots and Pastels | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Britta Bloggt

This is one of the most stylish kids bedrooms I’ve ever seen. Treat the walls of kids bedrooms like a blank canvas. You don’t have to just paint on a single color, you can paint different shapes, patterns, and really get creative with your walls!


6. Monochrome

Monochrome | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Cara Loren

Don’t think monochrome is a good fit for kids bedrooms? Think again. As long as you use fun, graphic patterns like chevron, and bring in lots of different textures like wood and fur, you can still have a dynamic and interesting room design.


7. Florals

Florals | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Domino

Here’s another way to have fun with walls: wallpaper. Floral wallpaper instantly transformed this room into a garden sanctuary! With such a beautiful wall like this, I bet you’ll spend more time this room than any other space in your house.


8. High Contrast

Kids bedrooms are also one of the few places where you can get away with dark walls. A black wall is a stylish contrast to all the colorful decor and toys you’ll be bringing in.


9. Orange

A touch of color goes a long way. If you’re looking for ways to give your kids bedrooms an upgrade without having to paint walls or renovate, add a fun rug or pops of colorful beddings!


10. Classic Boys’ Room

Blue, green, and grey make for a classic boys room color palette. You can try any design aesthetic with a classic color palette like this, whether modern or traditional.


11. Wall Decals

Wall Decals | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Rafa Kids

When it comes to kids bedrooms, I always go for wall decals. They’re such a simple yet fun way to add personality to a room! Make your kids pick out their favorite drawings or designs, then just stick them on the walls for an instant room makeover.


12. Vintage

Vintage | 12 Amazing Kids Bedrooms

image via Mini Style Blog

I thought vintage style was reserved for grown-ups, until I saw this gorgeous room! I love how vintage elements like the classic metal bed, floral wallpaper, and round rug got a youthful upgrade by using pastel colors and modern metals.


Watch this video from Carly Musleh to see more ideas for kids bedrooms:


Weren’t those kids bedrooms just amazing? I’m sure you’ve got all the inspiration you need to make your own kids bedrooms even more amazing. Remember, if you have fun decorating and designing a space, it will show in the finished product!


Want more kids bedroom ideas? Check these out! Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!


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