10 Stunning Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

by Friday, June 17, 2022

Whether you live by the beach or want to feel the sun, sand, and sea all year ’round, you need coastal living room design ideas in your home. Read on for stunning inspiration, tips, and tricks!

Coastal Living Room Design Ideas For A Beachy Feel

This year, I might just round up my favorite coastal living room design ideas and turn my home into a beach-inspired space. You don’t need to live by the beach to try a coastal living room design concept! You just need to capture the feeling through design and decor, which is one of my favorite parts of interior design. You can explore faraway places from the comfort of your own living room! So keep scrolling for coastal living room design ideas you can use, wherever you live!


1. Open Concept

Coastal living room design should be a holistic experience if you ask me. When you go coastal, try to apply it to your entire home. An open floor plan is the perfect way to do this—and it’s small space-friendly!


2. Trendy Pastels

Blue, white, and beige are the usual colors for coastal living room design. But you don’t have to use them all! Experiment with other bright and happy colors, or even trendy shades like these purple accents.


3. Traditional

Something about coastal living room design brings us back to simpler days. If you’re in the mood for a throwback, opt for classic pieces. Recreating your childhood summer beach house or using vintage heirlooms from your family can make your space even more meaningful.


4. Contemporary

If you have an eye for style, most coastal living room design ideas can come across as old-fashioned. That just means you need to step up your game! Floor-length windows and cozy yet comfy furniture can create a contemporary space with stunning views of the ocean.


5. Nautical

Those blue striped chairs on the right were the first things I noticed in this room! They’re such attention-grabbing pieces, for all the right reasons. Keep your room light and bright, then add pops of navy blue and yellow for a nautical feel.



6. A Touch Of Luxury

A Touch Of Luxury | Stunning Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

image via Studio McGee

Coastal living room design is usually very homey and simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it to the next level! This coastal space has all the basics: rustic wood, intricate patterns, clean white walls, and lush plants. But it also has luxurious accents like animal print pillows and a gold accent table.


7. Victorian-Inspired

Since coastal living room design is more about the feel and concept rather than a specific look, mix and match it with other styles! Victorian decor like these lamps and chandelier get a coastal twist with white curtains and a cozy sofa.


8. Rustic

Wood pallets and rustic leather furniture can give your coastal living room design a lived-in feel, making your space feel even more like home. I love the use of unfinished wood for the ceilings!


9. Classic Coastal

As much as we love to experiment, there’s really something different about classic coastal design. Must-haves include blue decor, woven fabrics, seashell or ocean-inspired pieces, and comfy seating options.


10. Clean White

Clean and crisp pieces can also update your classic coastal living room design. Pops of color will stand out even more, and your space will be bright and sunny!


Watch this video for more coastal living room design inspiration:

Weren’t these coastal living room design ideas so inspiring? A living room that feels like summer the whole year ’round sounds so appealing. Just remember, whatever decor or inspiration you choose, make sure it captures the spirit of coastal living.


Do you have any go-to coastal living room design ideas? Share them with me in the comments below!

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