13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Give your favorite space a makeover with these blue bedroom ideas. I’ve got designs for everyone — ladies, gents, and even kids!

Blue Bedroom Ideas For Your Mood Board

Blue bedroom ideas are quickly becoming a favorite of mine on my Pinterest. There’s something so alluring with its color, whichever shade it may be. Whether it’s a bright cobalt, a pastel light blue, or a mysterious midnight blue, all have proven to be a versatile color in the bedroom. Keep on reading to see some of the ideas I’ve collected below.

1. Different Patterns

Different Patterns | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Country Living

The secret to making sure different patterns pair well together lies in its color scheme. You know you’ve hit jackpot when both colors used are from the same family, much like the blue and white interiors of this bedroom.

2. A Royal Backdrop

A Royal Backdrop | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Domino

This shade of blue looks divine as a wall color. If you’re keen on using this as inspiration for your blue bedroom ideas, be sure to keep the other colors as neutral shades. Instead of picking other bold colors, you can simply choose to be creative with the textures of the materials instead. Furry pillows or wooden accents are a couple of my suggestions to use for this one.

3. Right Out of a Catalogue

Right Out of a Catalogue | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Loombrand

This bedroom is so chic. It belongs in a catalogue. I love the shades of blue used in the interiors. It looks almost the same as the one found on the walls. I also love how the metal frames of the bed add a little industrial element to an otherwise feminine room.

4. Cozy Blue Bed

Cozy Blue Bed | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Williams Sonoma

Sometimes all a person really wants is a cozy bed to welcome them after a long day’s work. The shades of blue and white in this room are so relaxing, I wouldn’t blame you if you had a hard time getting up from your bed every morning.

5. All Eyes on the Duvet

Let’s face it, the main focus of every bedroom is the bed itself. I personally love how the platform bed looks unbelievably comfy, and how it has a stand of books right at the foot of the bed. I reckon I could spend a good day or two in this bed without any complaints whatsoever.

6. A Pastel Blue

A Pastel Blue | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Sophie Miura

Want to make sure your walls match your furniture? Here’s a simple solution. Paint over them using the same paint color as your walls. I know it sounds like such an easy idea, but trust me when I say I’ve been guilty of spending a whole afternoon looking for a table to match my walls. It’s definitely good to be reminded of the easy options sometimes.

7. Perfect For A Double Decker

A double decker bed is a good play on height, so I like to emphasize this by using stripes in a room. This room has done exactly that with its walls and its furniture. Isn’t it neat?

8. Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Deerfarms

This is a great option for a kid’s room. Notice how everything looks so uniform in elements of navy blue and wood? The only tricky part here is making sure your little boy learns to tidy up, so he won’t leave his toys all over the floor.

9. An Industrial Feel

An Industrial Feel | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via RH Teen

This bedroom is flawless. It’s so well thought out, from the “stitched together panels” of the bed frame, the framed photos, even the style of bedside tables picked out. It’s a great room design option for a bachelor pad.

10. A Play on Lights

Aside from the natural light that comes in through the window (not seen in photo), it’s good to point out this room has such an interesting ceiling. Panels are cut out to allow for different areas of lighting. I bet once it’s night time, it’ll make for an alluring and mysterious room.

11. Nicely Nautical

Nicely Nautical | 13 Blue Bedroom Ideas

image via Ali Express

This would definitely be a go-to room for anyone who’s a fan of sailing or the sea. All that’s missing is an anchor wall accent and it’s good to go.

12. Marble Inspired

Who says marble only comes in neutral colors? This room looks gorgeous with its blue and gold marble streaks. It looks so enchantingly chic to be honest. I can’t stop staring at it.

13. A Full Moon

This is a playful take on a full moon. It’s quirky without being over the top, and it still merits you a load of style plus points. The best part is, if you’ve grown tired of the faux full moon, you can replace it with something else in a cinch.


Looking for more blue bedroom ideas? Press play on this video!

I hope I’ve given you tons of inspiration with these blue bedroom ideas. Personally, I find blue to be a calming and relaxing color. It’s definitely one of my top choices when it comes to picking paint swatches for my bedroom.


Which blue bedroom was your favorite? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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