10 Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

by Friday, June 17, 2022

Choosing a color scheme is one of the first things you do when designing or decorating. Changing your color palette or adding new shades of furniture or decor is also a simple but impactful way to refresh a room without having to renovate. But how do you decide on new interior colors to use at home? Well, it helps to look at trending interior colors. Trends aren’t just a source of inspiration for furniture or design aesthetics, but new colors and shades as well. So read on to see this year’s biggest color trends and find out how to incorporate them into your home!

10 Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

Stay Updated With What’s On-Trend This Year

There are always two sides of a trend. Some people say it’s not good to be too trendy because you need to let your unique personality show, regardless of what’s popular. But on the other hand, trends are a great way to get inspiration and go outside of your comfort zone. Trends are a way to find new and creative ideas! So when I look at trends, I always try to strike a balance between being open to change and making sure that I’m staying true to my personal style. When it comes to interior colors, it’s no different. Take a look at this year’s biggest color trends and get all the inspiration you need, but make sure to use colors you genuinely like and want to see at home! Use these interior colors as a stepping stone to creating the home you’ve always wanted.


1. White

White is back with a bang this year, regardless of what style your home is. Incorporate this versatile color in everything from modern farmhouse, bohemian, and even traditional design. This white modern bohemian kitchen looks so bright and cheery, doesn’t it?


2. Black

Black | Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

image via Figr

On the other hand, black is also a trendy color this year. If you’re worried about black being too dark or dreary at home, mix in other neutral interior colors like brown and white. Check out these black and white room ideas for more inspiration!


3. Copper

Copper | Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

image via Contemporist

In previous years, gold was the trendy metal. In others, it was silver. This 2016, it’s copper’s turn! Copper pipes, lighting fixtures, and other accents are very trendy additions to any home.


4. Ochre

Ochre | Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

image via SGS Design

Ditch the bright yellow this year and go for a warmer, more grown-up shade like ochre. It’s one of those interior colors that work all year ’round!


5. Rose Quartz

This year’s Pantone colors also make for great interior colors. This rose quartz door is so chic, but still homey!


6. Serenity

Serenity | Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

image via Idealista

If you’re looking for interior colors to pair with rose quartz, serenity is your best bet. Pink and blue aren’t just for kids’ rooms anymore! Serenity has a grey undertone, so you can definitely use it public spaces like the living or dining room.


7. Warm Orange

Warm orange may be one of those fall interior colors, but it’s also a great way to add a pop of color all year ’round! If you have neutral furniture, orange blends in with earth tones and stands out at the same time.


8. Alabaster White

Alabaster White | Trending Interior Colors To Use At Home This 2016

image via House Beautiful

This year’s Sherwin-Williams color is a shade called Alabaster White. It’s a bit on the cream side, so it’s a calmer alternative to crisp white. Use it for more relaxing spaces like the bedroom or nurseries.


9. Coffee

Other warm interior colors you can try out this 2016 include shades of brown like coffee or sand. Brown is a versatile color as well so it fits into a modern or traditional home.


10. Peach

Shades of pink are definitely on-trend this 2016. But if you’re looking for something less common than rose quartz, peach is a more unique alternative. It’s a slightly orange shade of pink that can instantly brighten up a room.


Watch this video from BEHR Paint to see more trending interior colors:


A lot of this year’s trending interior colors are versatile shades you can use for your walls, in furniture, or in touches of decor. If you’re looking for a basic color, try Alabaster white, black, or coffee brown. But if you’re looking for pops of color, rose quartz, copper, ochre and peach will be trendy additions to your home.


Want more design ideas like these interior colors? Check these out! What interior colors are you loving this 2016? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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