11 Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

There are always good and not so great sides to decorating any space. But small spaces get a lot of flack to being, well, small. Fitting all the traditional “necessities” like a dining space, kitchen, living space, and others, into a tiny apartment is a challenge. Which is why you need all the space-saving tips you can get!

So to get you motivated, I’ve gathered some of my go-to space-saving tips. Just read on for clever space-saving tips you can use for your small apartment.

11 Space-Saving Tips You Need For A Small Apartment

A Little Can Go A Long Way With These Space-Saving Tips

Decorating a small space doesn’t have to be tricky! That’s one thing I always try to help people discover. Space-saving tips are a great place to start if you’re not quite sure what to make of your small apartment. Space-saving tips can help you maximize the space you do have, so you’ll have more room to decorate and personalize. They’re kind of like your foundation—if you have the right space-saving tips, you can pull off practically any design aesthetic in your apartment.


1. Add Storage Everywhere

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: take every storage opportunity you can. This living space swaps out traditional end tables for shelves and uses a trunk as a coffee table. Smart, right?


2. Have an Open Floorplan

Walls take up space, and can create a stuffy, closed-off feel. So open up your apartment! It’s a lot easier to move around and multi-task in an open space.


3. Shelves Instead Of Bedside Tables

Shelves Instead of Bedside Tables | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Cup Of Jo

This is another smart way to add storage. Instead of bedside tables, why not have built-in shelves? You’ll get at least double the storage space, and you won’t cramp your bedroom with bulky dressers.


4. Ladders

Stairs take up a lot of space. If this is your first apartment, a ladder that leads to a loft or attic could save you a lot of space! Check out this stunning apartment for inspiration.


5. Add a Hook Wall

Add a hook wall | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Cup Of Jo

Getting rid of clutter is a big part of saving space. Hook walls are some of my favorite space-saving tips because they’re so simple yet so effective!


6. Create Flexible Spaces

Create flexible spaces | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Ikea

Traditional design says you need to have a set space for living, dining, working, and sleeping. While that’s ideal, sometimes you really don’t have a space for each one. So make your spaces multi-purpose! The dining space can double as a workspace, or your balcony can transform into a lounge. There’s more than one use for each area in your apartment.


7. Use The Outdoors

Use the outdoors | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Ikea

If you have a balcony, no matter how small, that’s a good thing! Open up your windows, decorate your balcony, or even use it as a dining or entertaining space. Don’t be limited to the four walls of your apartment.


8. Use Smart Furniture

Use smart furniture | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Ikea

Smart furniture are space-saving tips I swear by. They’re so ingenious and creative, even bigger houses will benefit from them! I love this multi-level, swinging towel rack from Ikea.


9. Look for Inspiration

It helps to see how other people design and decorate their own small apartments. I’ve got tons of inspiration for you here and here. And get design hacks from professional designers and decorators here!


10. Switch to Sliding Doors

Switch to sliding doors | Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Apartment

image via Lonny

Just like stairs, swing doors can take up so much space. If you’re allowed to remodel your apartment, switch to sliding doors. That way, you can fill up all the unused corners and walls with furniture like chairs, or a dresser.


11. Recessed Shelves

When it comes to space-saving tips, every inch of floor space matters. Recessed shelves can free up floor space, and they’re really trendy right now!


Watch this video for more simple space-saving tips:


Were you able to collect tips from my blog? I will definitely try number 10 on the list. I find it really cool and saves a lot of space, don’t you think? I hope these space-saving tips help you make the most of your apartment! Have any space-saving tips of your own? Share them with me in the comments section!


Want more space-saving tips? Check this article about narrow coffee tables.

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