10 Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Use these kids room decorating ideas to create inspiring spaces to live, play, and bond!

On-Trend Kids Room Decorating Ideas To Inspire You

I don’t know about you, but I love collecting kids room decorating ideas. Creating stylish and inspiring spaces for my kids also takes me back to my childhood—I can unleash my inner child for a while! Which is why this year, one of my big home projects is re-doing my kids’ rooms. But before I start, I need to gather kids room decorating ideas and pegs! If you’re also planning a remodel or refresh or if you have a new addition to the family and need to dress up a room, check out some of my favorite kids’ room decorating ideas. We can go on a kids’ room decorating journey together!


1. A Pop of Blue

Blue for boys and pink for girls is so last century. This monochrome room with pops of blue is gender-neutral so if you’re planning ahead, it’s the perfect color scheme!


2. Playhouse

A kids’ room should be full of fun and play. Find kids room decorating ideas that encourage it! Or, find toys to match the overall theme of your kids’ room. I love how the wood detail on the stove play set matches the wooden and woven furniture!



3. Upgraded Bunk Beds

Upgraded Bunk Beds | Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas You'll Love This Season

image via Domino

Some bunk beds can seem utilitarian or dorm-like. But they can also be a fun experience for your kids! I remember always wanting bunk beds growing up, but as an only child, it wasn’t necessary. Make your bunk beds cozier with wallpaper detail, cloth curtains, and color everywhere!


4. Crate Bookcases

Crate Bookcases | Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas You'll Love This Season

image via Mason De Pax

Here’s a simple hack for your kids’ room: stack crates for instant rustic or cozy bookshelves! It’s perfect for creating a reading nook as well as quickly organizing toys and other decors.


5. Scandinavian

Scandinavian | Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas You'll Love This Season

image via vtwonen

Start them young when it comes to stylish interiors! I think the pastel colors and unfinished bright wood work really go well together to make this room cozy yet trendy.


6. Shabby Chic

Now these are what I call homey kids room decorating ideas! The soft pinks, adorable lamps, and matching beds will be a dream come true if you’ve got two girls.


7. Chalkboard Walls

This is one of the kids’ room decorating ideas I’m dying to try out this year! Not only is the solution to kids painting and drawing on walls all over the house, it’s also a way to get them involved in design and instill a sense of creativity. It’s a win-win situation, if you ask me.


8. Shared Space

Shared Space | Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas You'll Love This Season

image via Style Me Pretty

If you’ve got two kids with a sizable age gap, consider giving them some privacy in a shared room. Curtains are perfect for it—they can divide the room for privacy, but you can still open up the space.



9. Chic Dollhouse-Inspired

Canopy beds are classic, but if you’re going for more modern kids room decorating ideas, consider a more interesting or creative bed frame! I love this house-shaped one because even if the room is monochrome, it’s still very kid-friendly and fun.


10. Personalized Decor

Personalized Decor | Clever Kids Room Decorating Ideas You'll Love This Season

image via Style Me Pretty

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for kids room decorating ideas is: what do your kids like? What’s their personality? They may be young, but they’ll have preferences of their own. Once you know this, go ahead and personalize the decor. If your kids love to travel or explore, put up a map of the world on the wall!


Watch this video for more kids room decorating ideas to inspire you:

I hope you’re excited to use these kids room decorating ideas because I sure am! Decorating and designing rooms is definitely one of my favorite things about motherhood. But don’t forget: you’re decorating for your kids, not yourself. I guess you can say it’s also a test of how well you know your kids!


Have you tried any kids room decorating ideas recently? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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