Beachy Living Room Ideas: The Best Beach-Inspired Decor Patterns

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

We all love the beach—sand, sun, and waves are all great ways to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Living rooms are similar because we also use the space to unwind. Keep reading for beachy living room ideas that make your home just as relaxing.

Beachy Living Room Ideas: The Best Beach-Inspired Decor Patterns

Bring the beach to your living room, all year ‘round

Patterns are the simplest and most universal way to bring a beachy vibe to your living room since you can put a pattern on almost anything. So whether you’re planning on making the beach the center of your living room design, or if you just want a subtle reminder of the sun and sand, I have 8 patterns that make for great beachy living room ideas.


1. Palm Trees

One of the first things we think about when we say beach: palm trees. You don’t need real greens to add a touch of palm trees to your room simply get some palm tree printed throw pillows or a framed photo. This way, you can relax under the palm trees without ever having to leave your home.


2. Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers | Beachy Living Room Ideas- The Best Beach-Inspired Decor Patterns

image via Wayfair

Just like palm trees, certain flowers remind us of the beach. Take advantage of the bright colors and interesting patterns and get a rug with tropical flowers. It’s sure to be the centerpiece of your living room.


3. Tropical Animals

For more daring and different tastes, why not try a tropical animal print? All sorts of birds, fish, and tropical animals can be stylish additions to your living room. This graphic bird prints also come in bright, loud colors that are the perfect statement pieces for your sofa. Consult Architectural Digest for how to decorate with animal prints.


4. Waves

Waves | Beachy Living Room Ideas: The Best Beach-Inspired Decor Patterns

image via Harper Bazaar

Enjoy the relaxing view of ocean waves from the comfort of your living room. Blue is also a chic color to incorporate into your living room, and it matches well with almost any other color. We love the ideas of waves on paintings or photos to hang up on your wall.


5. Starfish

Another subtle print you can use is a starfish. Go for big, graphic prints, or may use an actual starfish as decoration. You’ll feel like you’re lying on the beach while simply lounging in your living room.


6. Seashells

Love collecting seashells? Put them to good use as decor. Hang them up on your wall, or put them in a clear vase as an alternative to fresh flowers. These ideas from Southern Living are perfect DIY projects you’ll really enjoy doing after your next trip to the beach.


7. Blue patterns

Blue Patterns | Beachy Living Room Ideas: The Best Beach-Inspired Decor Patterns

image via Williams Sonoma

It’s really easy to add a nautical touch to your living room. Prints that come in navy, sea, or sky blue are subtle ways to bring the beach into your living room. These large blue and white stripes on the rug are a great idea. CountryLiving has a round-up of the best nautical accessories to add to your living room.


8. Pineapples

If you can’t have a real Piña Colada by the beach, pineapple prints are the next best thing. They’re bright, fun, and very trendy right now. The best part? You can DIY them. Check out fun and easy pineapple print projects from Beautiful DIY, Everything Etsy, and Apartment Therapy.


This video from Lamps Plus has more great beachy living room ideas you can choose from:

Choose your favorite beach-inspired patterns, then mix and match them! With patterns, every part of your living room can have a touch of the beach—from your pillows, to your rug, to your decor.


For more living room decoration ideas, check these out!

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