Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

We all love the beach—the sand, the sun, and the waves help us unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So why not bring all of those into your living room? Whether you’re decorating an apartment or a country home, you’ll surely appreciate the bright pops of color and relaxing, sometimes even exotic, feel of beachy living room ideas. Make your living room a relaxing space with these beachy living room ideas that will make everyday a summer day in your home.

Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

How to get the sand, sun, and waves at home—all year ‘round

Bringing a beachy vibe to your living room is so fun and fulfilling! It’s all about getting in that relaxing beach mindset, then finding furniture and decor that embodies it. What reminds you of the beach the most? Or, what does your ideal beach look like? Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors, whimsical patterns, and exotic materials! So whether you’re planning on making the beach the center of your living room design or if you just want a subtle reminder of summer, I’ve got all sorts of great beachy living room ideas I’m sure you’ll love.


1. Palm Trees

One of the first things we think about when we say “beach” are palm trees. But if you don’t have the luxury of real palm trees around you, opt for a palm tree printed throw pillow or a framed photo. This way, you can relax under the palm trees without ever having to leave your home.


2. Add Some Paintings

Add Some Paintings | Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

image via designfolia

Enjoy the relaxing view of ocean waves from the comfort of your coastal living room. Blue is also a chic color to incorporate into your living room. It even matches well with almost any other color. So chill out with some ocean paintings and photos on your walls.


3. Bring Home Some Seashells

Love collecting seashells? Put them to good use as decor. Hang them up on your wall, or put them in a clear vase as an alternative to fresh flowers.


4. Go Nautical

Go Nautical | Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

image via Williams Sonoma

It’s really easy to add a nautical touch to your living room. Anything that comes in navy, sea, or sky blue are subtle ways to bring the beach into your living room. Go for large blue and white stripes as an accent.


5. Add a Fun Print

If you’re looking for more daring beachy living room ideas, why not try tropical animal prints? All sorts of birds, fish, and tropical animals can be stylish additions to your eccentric and beachy living room. These graphic bird prints also come in bright, loud colors that are the perfect statement pieces.


6. Use Wicker

Use a Wicker | Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

image via vtwonen

Wicker furniture doesn’t usually come across as a trendy or chic. But trust me, with the right styling, they can bring out the luxe in some of the most common beachy living room ideas.


7. Think Coastal

Think Coastal | Beachy Living Room Ideas: How to Bring the Beach To Your Home

image via Style At Home

Coastal decor is the star of beachy living room ideas. After all, if you want to make your living room beachy, you have to decorate it as if you’re actually living by the beach. Coastal living rooms usually have big windows decorated with light, bright curtains and drapes, light-toned furniture, and a relaxed atmosphere.


8. Let the Sun In

Probably one of the best and easiest beachy living room ideas is letting natural sunlight into your living room. Stick to bright shades like white and other pastels, and light wood. Shabby chic indeed!


This video from Lamps Plus has more great beachy living room ideas you can choose from:


Bringing the beach into your living room isn’t difficult at all—just mix and match the right beachy living room ideas until you get the vibe you really want. Then, just sit back and relax in your very own beachy living room.


For more living room decoration ideas, check these out! Which ideas were you able to pick up? Let me know in the comments below.

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