[Video] 3 Room Color Palettes To Update Your Space

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

There are so many ways to refresh or update your home. You can try a few simple DIY projects, try a new style of furniture, or change up your color palettes! Whether you’re adding new furniture, decorating, or repainting the walls, trying a new color palette is a simple way to give your space a new lease of life. So read on for color inspiration you can use to update your home!

3 Room Color Palettes To Update Your Space

Color Basics For Every Room In Your Home

Color palettes can make or break a room, and they’re an ideal starting point for deciding on the look and feel of your home. But picking out colors can be overwhelming—you’ve got so many colors to choose from, you’ve got to remember that certain combinations look better than others, and on top of everything you have to consider how it reflects your personality and vision. But like anything, it helps to start with the basics. Before settling on specific colors for your palette, pick a mood or feel: warm, cool, or neutral? Keep scrolling to learn more about these 3 basic color palettes you can use to upgrade any room at home.


1. Warm Colors

Warm Colors | Room Color Palettes To Update Your Space

image via House To Home

Color palettes with orange and yellow can add warmth and brighten up any room. For a fall look, choose warmer shades of orange. Check this out for more fall-worthy colors you can use at home. In the summer, you can try out brighter shades of yellow for a cheery vibe.


2. Cool Colors

Cool Colors | Room Color Palettes To Update Your Space

image via Domino

Shades of blue and green can turn a room into a relaxing space. Whether you’re going to trendy shades like Pantone’s Serenity, or more classic tones like navy blue, blue and green are relaxing additions to your room color palettes.


3. Neutrals

Neutrals | Room Color Palettes To Update Your Space

image via square foot

To create dimension in any room, layer neutral colors and shades like brown, grey, black, and white. Using color palettes with different shades and neutrals also turns boring colors into a dynamic palette.


Watch this video from Wayfair to see these room color palettes come to life:


Choosing colors for your home is as easy as deciding on a mood and feel you want to achieve with a room upgrade. Warm, cool, and neutrals are the perfect starting points for picking the perfect color palette! Happy decorating!


Want more color palettes for your home? Check these out! What are your favorite room color palettes? Leave me a comment below!


Featured image via IKEA

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