11 Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Apartments are always tricky to design and decorate. But apartment bathroom ideas can sometimes be even harder to find! You’ve got to fit in all your essential elements—a toilet, bath, sink, storage—in a small space, and you have to do it creatively. So to get your creative juices flowing, it might be useful to look at ideas from other apartment bathrooms. In need of some serious design inspiration for your apartment bathroom? I’ve got just what you need!

Apartment Bathroom Ideas You Can Recreate

Big Creativity and Style For Even The Smallest Apartment Bathroom

Sometimes, the smallest spaces need the most creativity. Apartment bathroom ideas are no different! When you’re working with a small space, you still need to fit everything you need and want. And you might think having to design and decorate a small apartment bathroom means you won’t be able to achieve a picture-perfect space. But you can’t be any further from the truth. You can still make your apartment bathroom chic, stylish, and homey!

Just take a look at some of these dreamy apartment bathroom ideas I’ve found:


1. Decorate

The simplest way to jazz up an apartment bathroom? Personalize it with decor! Framed photos or prints, plants, and fun prints are all very much welcome in your bathroom.


2. Lighten Up

If you want to refresh your apartment bathroom (literally!), go for light-colored tiles, porcelain, and storage. White and shades of grey are really easy to pair with other colors, so you’ll never have to re-tile again!


3. Up Your Storage Game

Up your storage game | Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

image via Domino

Storage is one of the things you might lack in an apartment bathroom, and traditional storage options may not always work. Open shelving gives you more flexibility, and adding more racks can make the most of any empty walls you may have.


4. Go For A Floating Counter

Floating counters are ideal for a small apartment bathroom, because you can use the open space underneath as storage. You don’t have to spend much, either! The Merry Thought has a useful step-by-step guide to doing it yourself.


5. Splurge A Little

Splurge a little | Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

image via Maree Homer

My favorite thing about decorating small spaces? There’s less space to worry about, and more extra money to splurge. If you’ve always dreamt of having marble floors, chrome fixtures, or huge mirrors, put them in your apartment bathroom!


6. Add Some Prints

Add some prints | Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

image via Jacquelyn Clark

You don’t necessarily need to re-tile to add prints. Adding a bath mat, towels, or other linens can give your small bathroom big style.


7. Pick An Accent Color

Pick an accent color | Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

image via Jacquelyn Clark

Here’s a really easy trick you can use to live up any apartment bathroom: add an accent wall! Accent walls and pops of color aren’t just for your living room or bedroom anymore. See how this plain white bathroom got a stylish upgrade thanks to a few coats of blue paint?


8. Open Up Your Space

If you’re ready to make some renovations to your apartment bathroom, I’d recommend adding a window. Windows can really open up your space, which small bathrooms really need. Even just a tiny window can make a huge difference!


9. Mix and Match

Don’t every feel like a small space should limit your design choices. Mix and match different styles—even seemingly conflicting ones! I love the vintage accents in this photo, but I also adore the trendy bohemian-inspired mirror.


10. Go For A Freestanding Tub

Not only is a freestanding tub chic and stylish, it can also open up your small apartment bathroom and make it seem like your space is bigger! I love this clean and timeless white tub, don’t you?


11. Make It Cozy

Make it cozy | Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Steal For Your Space

image via Lowes

Another thing I love about small spaces is how cozy they can be. Big spaces can be daunting and overwhelming at times! But with the right decor, a creative eye, and some personal touches, a small bathroom can be really homey.


Here are even more great ideas for your apartment bathroom!


Whether you’re looking for quick fixes or you’re open to major renovations, I’m sure these bathrooms will inspire you. Or at the very least, they’ve shown you how small spaces are actually fun to design and decorate!


Want more inspiration like these apartment bathroom ideas? Check this out for renter-friendly design inspiration! Have any apartment bathroom inspiration of your own? Share them in the comments section below!

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