15 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Fall is all about warm colors, cozy fabrics, and homey spaces. Bohemian design has a similar look and feel, which makes it a great choice for a fall makeover concept. So if you’re looking for fresh, new design ideas for your home this fall, why not try Bohemian bedroom ideas? I promise you’ll love the vibrant colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, and laid-back but youthful feel of boho design. Just read on for some inspiring Bohemian bedroom ideas you can use for your own room!

15 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

Master The Laid-Back Trend With These Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

I like to stay updated on the latest design trends. But I also make it a point to see what ideas and designs go into real homes, not just the ones you see in magazines. I’ve been seeing a lot of Bohemian bedroom ideas lately, so much that I think I may have fallen in love with this design concept! It’s such a perfect fit for fall: the exotic prints make you feel like you’re still on summer vacation, the rich colors are so appropriate for the season, and the fabrics look so cozy. Bohemian bedroom ideas can help you create a relaxing, laid-back space. And isn’t that what you really need in a bedroom? So I’ve put together some Bohemian bedroom ideas that will convince you to try this trend right now.


1. Low Bed

While high and big beds are majestic, there’s something really cozy about a low bed or even just a mattress. A smaller bed can also save you space, so this is one of those Bohemian bedroom ideas perfect for small apartments.


2. Feminine

You should definitely inject your personality into your Bohemian bedroom ideas! If you want to show your girly side, go for colors like red, orange, or pink.


3. Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via My Domaine

On the other hand, neutral colors are also great Bohemian bedroom ideas if you’re sharing a bedroom with your significant other. The color palette keeps it gender-neutral, and it lets the textures and details of your decor really shine. Isn’t that headboard gorgeous?


4. Colorful Rugs

Rugs are one of the main features of a Bohemian design, so use them as part of a Bohemian bedroom idea as well! If you have a minimalist or simple color palette, a rug can add a pop of color.


5. Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via My Domaine

This is one of the Bohemian bedroom ideas I think I’ll try out myself: mixing prints! This is one of those times when more colors and more shapes are a good thing.


6. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Free People

Bohemian bedroom ideas have their dramatic moments, too. Adding a canopy to your bed is one way to add drama while still keeping a laid-back feel.


7. Mixed Textures

You can also mix and match different textures for a Bohemian bedroom. The rustic wooden headboard, the wrinkly white sheets, and the faux fur chair look so good together!


8. Minimalist

Minimalist | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Domino

Boho bedroom ideas can be minimalist, too! Stick to two or three main Bohemian bedroom ideas like woven baskets, a textured rug, and indoor plants.


9. Small Space

Small Space | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Free People

If I had a dorm or a small apartment, this would be my dream bedroom! I love how this is full of fun Bohemian prints, even the tapestries on the ceiling.


10. Pastels

If you prefer a brighter room, there are Bohemian bedroom ideas for you too. Stick to pastels, and incorporate other Bohemian details like tassels.


11. Clean White

Sometimes, all you need are a few boho accents. If you have a versatile white room, add a few printed pillows or indoor plants for a subtle Bohemian touch.


12. Woven Accents

Woven Accents | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Inside Out

If you’re bored of wood, woven baskets and other furniture are boho alternatives you can try! They’ll give your room a resort vibe, while still keeping it cozy.


13. Modern Bohemian

Modern Bohemian | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Style Me Pretty

Mixing and matching different styles isn’t just for Bohemian bedroom ideas. You can mix Bohemian bedroom ideas with other design concepts like modern or traditional! I love how the woven chair and tassels on the wall contrast with the metal lamp and mirrors in this room.


14. Cream and White

Cream and White | Bohemian Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You This Fall

image via Tessa Barton

While white is crisp and bright, cream is a warmer shade that still keeps your space bright. It’s just as versatile as white, so you won’t run out of design options!


15. Boho Chic

Bohemian bedroom ideas have a chic side to them, too! A lot of stylish homes incorporate laid-back elements like fur rugs and fun prints alongside chic pieces like this Scandinavian-inspired bedside table.


Watch this video from Bethany Joy for more Bohemian bedroom ideas:


I’m so ready to add some of these Bohemian bedroom ideas to my room, I hope you are too! Boho-inspired design is one of those trends I’m sure will stay in style for a long time. Which bedrooms were your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!


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