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by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Starting with the right modern furniture is the key to nailing a modern look for your home. After all, the furniture pieces you use are the main elements of your design, along with color schemes. Sofas, chairs, and tables are first things people look at in a living room. While the bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom. So it follows that modern interior design needs modern furniture.

Read on for essential pieces no modern home should go without.

13 Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

Modern Furniture Must-Haves

While I love traditional and retro design, I have a soft spot for modern furniture. It’s hard to resist all the trendy materials, chic furniture, and artsy touches! So if you’re looking for modern furniture for your home, look no further. This is your furniture shopping checklist for the ultimate modern home.


1. Geometric Shelves

Geometric Shelves | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Dwell

Regular shelves are so last season. If you want functional pieces that look as great as decor, modern furniture is the way to go. Double purpose shelves add oomph to a minimalist modern living room.


2. Origami Floor Lamps

Origami Floor Lamps | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Usona Home

Modern design seems to have us looking to other countries for inspiration; and origami modern furniture is one of the results. A chic is an addition to your living room that’ll definitely make a statement.


3. Color Block Furniture

Color Block Furniture | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via We Are Huntly

Skip the florals and intricate patterns, modern furniture should look clean and sharp. For a splash of color, get color blocked modern furniture in this season’s hottest colors.


4. Neutral Sofas

Neutral Sofas | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via We Are Huntly

If there’s one thing I’m always in awe at when it comes to modern furniture, it’s how they manage to make neutrals look good! I thought beige, cream, and grey were boring colors, until I saw modern living rooms. So go ahead and get a neutral sofa, you’ll love how it’s so easy to mix and match with other modern furniture.


5. Artsy Accent Lights

Another thing I’m thankful for is modern design is an excuse to bring in artsy modern furniture. We all deserve a bit of creativity in our homes, don’t you think? Some rose gold plate lights are a modern alternative to chandeliers.


6. Colorful Accent Chairs

Colorful Accent Chairs | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Interior Design

Traditional homes had furniture sets, but modern design is all about accent chairs. They’re pops of color and design that show how well you mix and match modern furniture. Get one in a bright primary color like yellow or red, I promise it’ll look amazing next to a neutral sofa.


7. Multi-Function Desks

Modern furniture usually thinks out of the box, and most modern desks are no different. They’re really designed for functionality, with a hint of chic and modern aesthetics as well! The geometric shapes and clean lines were made to fit right into even the most modern of homes.


8. Monochrome

I think you know by now that modern design generally keeps things (and colors) simple. That said, monochrome is a go-to look for most modern spaces. If you really want to add a modern print or pattern, but don’t know how, stick to basic black and white and bold, geometric patterns.


9. Low Beds

Low Beds | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Loft Kolasinski

Sure, high beds and show-stopping canopies make for sexy bedrooms, but there’s something really cozy about low beds. Modern furniture is also very simple and stripped-down, and low beds are just that.


10. Light Wood

Light Wood | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Ikea

If you’re a modern design beginner, ditch the traditional red and dark brown woods, and go for lighter shades instead. Don’t you just love how bright and cheery a modern bedroom is?


11. Metal Dining Chairs

Metal Dining Chairs | Essential Modern Furniture For Every Home

image via Ikea

Modern furniture calls for modern materials. Metal legs and plastic seats don’t sound very homey, but modern design can transform them into dining chairs that’ll make your space look like a hip restaurant. The monochrome treatment of a dining room adds to the overall modern look as well.


12. Rose Gold

Essentially, “modern” is whatever’s current and stylish at the moment. So gold and silver are great; but if you really want trendy modern furniture, go for rose gold. They’ll really pop out against a black accent wall.


13. Round Mirrors

Square mirrors are out, round ones are in. Especially if you have a small space, mirrors can make any room look bigger. Definitely a piece of modern furniture you should invest on!


Watch this video from Martha Stewart to see more modern furniture:


With these essential pieces, I’m absolutely sure you’ll be able to create the perfect modern home. Happy decorating!


Want more ideas like these modern furniture? Check these out! Leave your comments and suggestions on furniture ideas in the comments section.


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