20 Bohemian Room Decor Finds From Urban Outfitters

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Urban Outfitters isn’t just for trendy clothes anymore. It’s also an amazing source of bohemian room decor and other affordable and trendy home items!

I was surprised to find out they’ve really got everything from beddings to living room tables for your home, your apartment, and even your dorm room. In particular, Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of bohemian room decor you don’t want to miss out on.

So just read on for some of my bohemian room decor picks from Urban Outfitters.

20 Bohemian Room Decor Picks To Buy Right Now

Stylish Bohemian Room Decor Picks For Everyone

We all our have our go-to places for home decor and furniture, and for me it’s usually Ikea, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, or Lowes. But while I was looking for bohemian room decor, I discovered Urban Outfitters actually has a huge home section! Like a lot of other people, I thought Urban Outfitters was just for fashionable clothes. But I found a lot of trendy items like bohemian room decor, furniture for apartments and dorms, and even stylish storage options.

So today I’ll be sharing bohemian room decor I found on Urban Outfitters perfect for any home, apartment, or dorm room.


1. Woven Rag Rug

A rug can instantly add a pop of color or personality to any room. I love all the bright colors on this woven rug! It’ll really stand out in your living room, or even your bedroom!


2. Printed Black and White Boucherouite Rug

If you have a black and white room, or you want a more minimalist style, go for this black and white rug! The print is still very boho chic.


3. Tassel Pillows

I love bohemian room decor with tassels, they’re so fun and youthful. For a subtle boho touch get a tassel pillow, or two!


4. Hanging Metal Planter

Bohemian room decor also involves lots of plants and greens, so make sure you have a few planters. This gold hanging planter is so chic, but also fits right in with all your other bohemian room decor.


5. Shell Hanging Planter

Bohemian room decor has a beachy vibe to it too, sometimes. For those cases, shells are a unique and fun way to channel beachy boho vibes in your room.


6. Boho Embossed Tin Candle

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. I’d put these embossed tin candles in a dorm room for a relaxing and stylish touch that doesn’t take up too much space.


7. Medallion Wall Decor

If you’re renting, and can’t paint your walls, decals are your best friends. These medallion decals are so pretty and unique, I’d display them in the living room for everyone to see!


8. Wooden Carved Divider

Speaking of intricate designs, bohemian room decor is known for very detailed prints and patterns.

If you have a small space you want to divide, or you want some privacy in your dorm room, invest in a stylish divider like this one!


9. Dream Catcher

You’ve got so many bohemian room decor options to dress up plain walls. A dream catcher is a good start! These simple design gives a room a different character and could be an interesting addition to your room as well.


10. Woven Wall Mirrors

Plain mirrors are so last decade.

Have fun with different shapes and designs, and use mirrors as another excuse to add more bohemian room decor to your room! These woven mirrors are cozy, yet still stylish.


11. Triangle Wall Mirror

Speaking of different shapes of mirrors, I also love this triangle pendant mirror. I’d put this in my entryway for a stylish welcome!


12. Moroccan-Inspired Pouf

A pouf is such a stylish item to have around at home. This Moroccan-inspired pouf has some glitz and sequins as well.


13. Pompom Curtains

Aside from tassels, pompoms are also one style of bohemian room decor to keep your eye on. They turned a plain set of curtains into a boho chic piece!


14. Printed Curtain

You can also go for printed curtains, which is another bohemian room decor idea that works with everything.

The black, red, green, and white prints on these curtains are so eye-catching!


15. Printed Window Valence

If you want to keep your windows open to let more natural light in, a window valence is a great bohemian room decor idea to try out! You get the same decorative and visual impact of printed curtains, but you get a lot more natural light.


16. Star String Lights

String lights are practically dorm room essentials these days. But star string lights are unique and eye-catching. They’ll look amazing on a canopy bed or as wall decor!


17. Cutout Star Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are another unique lighting option you can explore. You can get much more intricate and eye-catching designs when you work with paper, and you can use them indoors or outdoors!


18. Medallion Tapestry

What I found unique about Urban Outfitters is their wide selection of tapestries for your wall. They’re definitely bohemian room decor must-haves.


19. Glow-In-The-Dark Constellation Map Tapestry

This tapestry is special because it glows in the dark! With this up on the wall, you can go stargazing in your room every night. This is great for a kids’ room or a nursery, don’t you think?


20. Violet Print Tapestry

Tapestries are also ideal bohemian room decor if you’re a renter or a dormer, because they’re easy to put up, and don’t wreck the walls. And because they’re made of cloth, they’re one of the coziest bohemian decor ideas around!


Watch this video from House & Home for more bohemian room decor ideas:


So the next time you’re at Urban Outfitters, keep your eye out for these bohemian room decor! I think I’ll be buying more than just a few items from them for my next room refresh.


Which bohemian room decor picks were your favorite? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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