23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

by Friday, June 17, 2022

Modern homes are a beautiful sight. Homes with stunning modern bathroom design ideas, chic modern living rooms are both functional and eye-catching, and modern bedrooms are relaxing and stylish.

But, modern bathrooms have so many possibilities as well. We go to our bathroom at the end of a long day to relax and unwind. And a modern bathroom design can instantly turn a simple, functional space into your very own personal spa.

Keep scrolling for 23 stunning modern bathroom design ideas.

23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

A modern home needs an equally modern bathroom design. Design a luxurious, relaxing space with these modern bathroom design ideas. Read on to see them.


1. White

White | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via 100 Layer Cake

Put a modern spin on the classic white bathroom with edgy, sharp fixtures, and different textures. A faux concrete floor tile and marble countertop go great with a modern bathroom design.


2. Accent Tiles

Accent Tiles | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Homedit

Accent walls aren’t just for living rooms and bedrooms, they’re also for bathrooms. Choose a dark tile for a dramatic effect.


3. Chandelier

Any form of lighting can make or break a space. Incorporate relaxing yellow light into a chic chandelier. It’s a simple luxury to have while you relax in the tub after a long day.


4. Textured Tiles

Textured Tiles | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Remodelista

The right tiles are essential to modern bathroom design. Don’t just play with colors, explore different textures and prints as well.


5. Skylight

Skylight | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Dwell

Modern bathroom design doesn’t have to be dark. Make sure to let in lots of natural light. You can even add a skylight!


6. Homey Industrial

An industrial-themed home needs a bathroom to match. If you want a more relaxing industrial space, opt for colors with grey undertones like grayish blue. Then add a pop of color with a rug or other decor.


7. Country Chic

Classic can get a modern update too. Use classic honeycomb tiles and a vintage bath tub. But keep your lines clean, and colors crisp. An all-white or monochrome palette will do just the trick.


8. Minimalist

Modern bathroom design can also mean minimalist. Clean, solid colors can also create a relaxing space where you can get away from it all, and clear your head.


9. Navy Blue

Contrast an all-white modern bathroom design with dark colors. Navy blue is a chic color option.


10. Homey

A bathroom should always be relaxing. Incorporate homey touches into your modern bathroom design, like a rug or even a cozy chair.


11. Concrete and Marble

Concrete looks and feels hard. So contrast it with a softer and luxurious material like marble. It’s a modern bathroom design idea made for the trendsetter.


12. Nature-Inspired

If nature relaxes you, bring it into your bathroom! Use natural wood finish, and decorate with some plants.


13. Small Spaces

Modern bathroom design is great for small bathrooms as well. The solid colors, clean lines, and bright spaces really open it up.


14. Accent Rug

Bored with the usual bathroom decor? An intricate rug is an easy way to spruce up a modern bathroom design.


15. Wood

Wood | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Hall Of Homes

Modern bathroom design is embracing more wood elements. It’s also the perfect complement to white fixtures, without losing the modern edge.


16. Warm Stone

Warm Stone | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Design Sticker

If marble or tiles aren’t your thing, why not try stone? It looks and feels warm, and your modern bathroom design will look like a personal spa.


17. Black Fixtures

Black Fixtures | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Design Sticker

Modern bathroom design is about finding new ways to design functional spaces. So, if you’re bored of the traditional white fixtures, you can always try black. It’s an edgy, super stylish way to design your bathroom.


18. Floating Storage

Floating Storage | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via One Kind Design

Floating shelves are all the rage, and their benefits are endless (especially for small spaces!). Incorporate them into a modern bathroom design for a trendy storage option.


19. Modern Traditional

Combining modern and traditional design creates a relaxing, homey bathroom you can spend hours in. Go for traditional design items like a bathtub and printed tile. But think modern with bright spaces, big windows, and minimalist design.


20. Brass Fixtures

For more a luxurious modern bathroom design, go for luxurious materials like brass. It goes really well with marble or bright tiles.


21. Pops of Color

Adding pops of color is another easy way to create a modern bathroom design without renovating. Pick a colorful shower curtain or add an accent chair.


22. Big Windows

Big Windows | 23 Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

image via Robson Rak

Turn your modern bathroom design into a true personal spa with big windows that overlook your relaxing garden.


23. Modern Farmhouse

Didn’t think a farmhouse design could be modern? Think again. Trendy touches like dip-dyed stools and other furniture, wood accents, and silver fixtures make it a cozy modern bathroom design.


Watch this video from Howcast for more modern bathroom design ideas:

These luxurious modern bathrooms are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more great bathroom designs to be done, starting with your own! Don’t forget, a great bathroom can become your own personal spa.

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