13 Creative Ideas To Use Christmas Lights All Year Round

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Seasonal decor is always a double-edged sword. On one hand, having things like Christmas lights makes your home much more festive and really gets you into the holiday spirit. On the other hand, they can be pricey considering you’ll only be using them for a few weeks in a year. But Christmas lights in particular are actually great home decor investments you can definitely use all year ’round! With a bit of creativity and the right inspiration, Christmas lights can go from seasonal decor to useful and eye-catching home must-haves!

13 Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year ‘Round

Don’t Store Your Christmas Lights Away Just Yet

I love decorating with seasonal decor, be it fall, the holidays, or summer. But as much as I enjoy redecorating my home to fit the time of the year, it doesn’t come cheap! And I’ve realized how much decor is just sitting around in storage every year, waiting to be taken out for just a few weeks, or even days. So in an attempt to save on decor and make the most of all the unused items I have, I’ve found some creative ways to use Christmas lights way beyond the holiday season! So if you’re looking to buy Christmas lights in time for the holidays this year, these ideas might convince you even more.


1. As a Headboard Accent

This is so cool, especially for teen rooms or dorm rooms! String your Christmas lights along your headboard for a whimsical, dreamy look.


2. On Your Ladder Blanket

I love ladder blankets, but this is such a unique and creative way to style them! Christmas lights are also perfect if you want to highlight a specific piece of furniture or decor in your room.


3. On Your Canopy

Now this is what I call a dreamy bedroom, don’t you agree? A canopy is dreamy and princess-like as it is, but Christmas lights just add that extra touch. Star-shaped lights work perfectly as well!


4. As Table Decor

Here’s another ingenious way to use your Christmas lights: as table decor! You can create your own table lamp with a clean glass box and a few spare string lights.


5. Wall Accents

String Christmas lights can also be incorporated in your everyday home decor! I love how the string lights add fun and emphasis to the narrow wall in this dining room.


6. At Your Workspace

Does your workspace need some sprucing up? Put up some Christmas lights! Plus, if you’re like me and you need a well-lit workspace to function properly, this can make your space even brighter.


7. Faux Firepits

Faux Firepits | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Free People

If you’re in the mood for some DIY projects, try this faux fire pit! This is great if you want a rustic, cabin-inspired touch, or if you’re in an apartment and can’t have a fireplace of your own.


8. In A Garland

In A Garland | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Homey Oh My

Upgrade your plain old garlands with some Christmas lights! The greens will make your lights appropriate for every season, and you can flex your DIY muscles while you’re at it.


9. Origami Prisms

Origami Prisms | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Zana

This has got to be one of my favorite ideas ever. I love Origami, I think it’s so modern yet so simple and fun! Learn how to make these unique lights here.


10. For Party Decor

For Party Decor | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Style Me Pretty

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas, fall, or whenever—Christmas lights are great party decor! They’re really easy to set up, and you don’t have to go to the party store for new decor every time you throw a celebration.


11. To Dress Up Bare Windows

To Dress Up Bare Windows | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via The Every Girl

If your windows or walls seem a bit plain, string some lights for a simple yet eye-catching touch! They’ll go with any home aesthetic—see how the lights on top look so cohesive with the brick wall?


12. As Ceiling Accents

As Ceiling Accents | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Makingit.co

Christmas lights on your ceiling is such a dreamy idea! It’ll be like gazing at the stars from the comfort of your own sofa (or bed!). Who wouldn’t want that?


13. As Mirror Accents

As Mirror Accents | Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year 'Round

image via Peanut Buttered

Have an old mirror at home? Spruce it up with Christmas lights! Peanut Buttered has a nifty step-by-step tutorial so you can make it yourself.


Watch this video from LaurDIY for more ways to use Christmas lights at home:


Weren’t those so creative and unique? Christmas lights aren’t just for the holidays anymore, that’s for sure. I’m so excited to try out these ideas, and to find even more inspiration!


Want more decor ideas like these Christmas lights tricks? Check these out! How do you use Christmas lights at home? Let me know in the comments section!

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