Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces: 5 Space-Saving Furniture

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Just like homes themselves, living room ideas for small spaces are becoming more and more in-demand these days. But what do you do about furniture? You can’t really go without a sofa or a table, no matter how small your space is. So we have the perfect solution: furniture that doesn’t just look great, but can be used for different functions as well. Read on for space-saving furniture that’s great for small living rooms.

Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces That Make Every Inch Matter

Living in a small space has its fair share of ups and downs. It’s low maintenance but space is limited. This is problematic in terms of living capacity, design, and even comfort. So you need the right living room ideas for small spaces that can accommodate your needs, wants, and maybe even your vision of your dream home!

When you have limited space, you can’t get too much furniture. The solution? Get pieces that can do two jobs, but use the space of one piece. I’ve put together some of my favorite living room ideas for small spaces which are perfect space-saving solutions for your home.


1. Tables with storage

Tables with Storage | Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces: 5 Space-Saving Furniture

image via Lushome

This modern coffee table has three functions: it’s a coffee table, but it also folds out to become a work table with a built-in storage. And while it’s all that, it also looks great. Put living room ideas for small spaces like this at the center of your living room for full functionality! And you’ll see yourself spending more and more time in the living room.


2. A fold-out work table

This table looks small at first glance. But with added fold-out panels, you’ll have more than enough space to work properly. And if you ever move to a bigger space, you can leave some panels out permanently and add decor like plants and flowers.


3. Stackable storage

Stackable Storage | Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces: Space-Saving Furniture

image via monoqi

These stackable storage consoles look great! And because they’re divided, you can use them as shelves store everything from books to shoes, and even use them as decorative side tables. Stack them however you like, in whichever direction you need to.


4. A coffee table that turns into a dining table

This is one of those really clever living room ideas for small spaces. It looks like a normal coffee table, but it actually expands into a full-sized dining table. All you need are chairs! This is the perfect choice for spaces so small, your living room is also a dining room.


5. Compact stools

Compact Stools | Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces: Space-Saving Furniture

image via Chatelaine

These look like a normal set of stools, but when you’re not using them you can combine them to form a decorative side table. Use it as decor during the day, and when you have guests over they’re the perfect seating solution.


Check out this great video from core77inc for more living room ideas for small spaces:

These convertible pieces of furniture are great living room ideas for small spaces—some are compact and serve more than one purpose. They’re sure to help you maximize your small living room.


Want more living room ideas for small spaces and big homes alike? Click here! What other space-saving ideas do you have? Share them with me in the comments section!


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