Apartment Living Room Ideas For Space-Saving Living

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

With homes getting smaller and smaller these days, especially in the big cities, apartment living room ideas are a dime a dozen. But these space-saving apartment living room ideas won’t ever cramp your style.

Apartment Living Room Ideas You Can Do To Live Smartly

I’m a big fan of writing about living room ideas for small spaces because I think it’s a topic many of you will find relatable and useful. I’ve seen some really tiny apartments over the years, and most of them are just oozing with style! They definitely shatter the stereotype of having less design options if you’re looking for apartment living room ideas. And if there’s one thing you have to prove with the apartment living room ideas you use at home, it’s how style comes in all sizes! Read on for some of my go-to apartment living room ideas to make even the tiniest spaces functional yet stylish.


1. Create Symmetry

If you look closely, you’ll discover this room is actually a lot smaller than it seems at first glance. The width of the room is just enough for a small sofa and two narrow bookshelves! But it looks (and feels!) bigger because the furniture creates a sense of symmetry. Notice how there’s two of everything in this room?


2. Combine Storage and Design

Combine storage and design | Apartment Living Room Ideas For Space-Saving Living

image via Style Me Prety

It’s 2017, form and function should go hand-in-hand for your apartment living room ideas! If you need extra storage space, invest in well-made cabinets with trendy or stylish accents or handles. These shelves can even double as a TV console if you don’t have a wall-mounted TV!



3. De-Clutter

This should be on top of your apartment living room ideas list, if you ask me. The first step to saving space is freeing as much extra space as you can! This living room is tiny, but it doesn’t look cramped because the walls are clean and the floor is clear of unnecessary obstructions.


4. Stick To A Theme or Color

If you’re a design newbie in search of doable apartment living room ideas, I suggest sticking to a single color scheme or design theme. It makes your room a lot less cluttered and a lot more stylish, that’s for sure!


5. Shelving Is Everything

If you don’t have space, create it! Think of creative and ingenious ways to add more shelving to your living room. Whether they’re recessed, floating, or corner shelves, you’ll be thankful you invested in them!


6. Scale Your Furniture

A small space calls for a scaling down of your furniture. While a huge sofa may be cozy and great for guests, if it doesn’t fit in your living room or if it makes your space cramped, don’t force it! Find furniture that fits just right, and leaves you with space to breathe and live.


7. Go For Neutrals

Neutral colors can also help open up your room, or at least give the illusion of a wide space. Mix and match different shades of white, black, and brown for streamlined and minimalist-inspired apartment living room ideas.


8. Layer Your Tables

Layer Your Tables | Apartment Living Room Ideas For Space-Saving Living

image via My Domaine

This has got to be one of the most ingenious apartment living room ideas I’ve seen! Even if you don’t have a tiny space, layering smaller tables under a tall, large one looks stylish and gives you extra storage. If you have guests over, just clear your things to use the small stools or tables!



9. Keep It Open

If your apartment allows it, consider switching to an open floor plan. It’s a lot more convenient for your rooms not to be separated by walls, and it also helps create the illusion of a wider, larger space!
Watch this video for more space-saving apartment living room ideas:

See? You don’t have to sacrifice style with your apartment living room ideas, even in the tiniest of spaces. Just remember to keep your space open, bright, and add a dash of creativity when you decorate. Simple enough, right?


Do you have any go-to apartment living room ideas of your own? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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