10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

by Friday, June 17, 2022

Deciding to decorate a retro living room isn’t the easiest. You’re decorating with trends and design you’re not familiar with, and you probably weren’t even born yet when these retro living room ideas were in style! But a retro living room can be rewarding too—you’ll learn more about the past, and you might even be able to connect with your parents by understanding retro living room style. Art and design has the power to do that! So read on for fun inspiration you can try in your retro living room!

Fun Inspiration For Your Very Own Retro Living Room

I love exploring different living room styles and designs and finding out where they come from, because it gives me a glimpse into the lives of other people in other places and times. Like any other art, design and decoration teaches us all how to be more understanding and empathic of other cultures and different people. And I think that’s such an amazing thing! A retro living room design can help you learn more about a dynamic, fast-changing era not only in home design but in the way we live. The 50s and 60s were such a revolutionary time, and it showed in retro living room design! So read on for a quick lesson in retro design, and inspiration you can use yourself!


1. Homey Charm

The family home was a huge part of life back then, so it’s no surprise that many retro living room ideas have a cozy vibe. Go for lots of cloth—a cloth sofa, pillows, curtains over blinds, and a rug to finish it off!


2. Primary Shades

Primary Shades | 10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

image via House Beautiful

On the other hand, the average retro living room had a lot of color. This was an age of change and exploration, so they weren’t afraid to make bold statements with their decor! Primary colors seem very childish, but in slightly darker shades like deep blue and mustard yellow, plus more intricate prints, they really do make a statement.


3. Deep Colors

Deep Colors | 10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

image via Making Spaces

Speaking of dark colors, you can also go this route with your retro living room! Dark wood and a deep color like blue will make for a warm, inviting retro living room.


4. Whimsical Shapes

Aside from color, a retro living room also plays with unique and whimsical shapes. Have fun with your furniture, and look for one-of-a-kind pieces. This lip-shaped sofa will be the most eye-catching piece in your home for sure!


5. Retro Living Room Accessories

When you’re decorating a throwback retro living room, it’s all about the accessories. Neon lights, books, lots of luxurious fabrics, and period photos or paintings will make your space even more authentic.


6. Leather and Wood

Leather and Wood | 10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

image via Domino

Leather and wood was a favorite combination in many retro spaces, so why not try it? It’s up to you if you want to match the shade of your leather to the wood finish, but you can also mix and match different shades!


7. Color-Coordinated

Color-Coordinated | 10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

image via Le Blog Deco

If all the colors and styles confuse you, pick two or three fun colors and decorate your retro living room around them. From your sofas to your walls, having a few go-to colors can streamline your design process!


8. Contrast

If you’re the more adventurous type, though, there was a lot of contrast in design back then. So you might want to try it out! You’d think that red and green would be reserved for Christmas, but in this retro living room, it works really well! The secret is to add a few neutral pieces in white, brown, or black.


9. Throwback Decor

It’s time to bust out that turntable you have in storage! It’s just what you need to decorate a retro living room, and it’s functional too. Other throwback decor you can use are posters, books, and souvenirs from the past!


10. Hippie Bohemian

Hippie Bohemian | 10 Retro Living Room Ideas For The Ultimate Throwback

image via West Elm

When I say there was a lot going on with retro design, I mean it! On one hand, you’ve got your bright colors, bold statements, and warm spaces, but you’ve also got hippie and bohemian style emerging. Bring lots of plants into your retro living room, as well as bohemian-inspired prints and furniture. But don’t forget the pops of color!

Watch this video to see a retro living room come to life:


As you can see, retro living room ideas come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But one thing’s for sure: I learned a lot about the past, simply by looking at retro-inspired living rooms! It was really a fast-paced, adventurous time for everyone, and I’d love to have that spirit in my own living room. I’m sure you do too!

How would you decorate a retro-inspired living room? Share your ideas and tips with me in the comments section below!

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