10 Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For An Ultra-Chic Space

by Friday, June 17, 2022

If you know anything about recent interior design trends, you’d have at least heard of Scandinavian living room ideas. They’ve taken over the world with clean and modern yet ingenious and fun design.Read on to see how you can live in style with Scandinavian living room ideas!

Live in Style With These Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

Most of us think Scandinavian living room ideas begin and end with Ikea. We can’t be more wrong! While Ikea is my go-to place for affordable and stylish pieces, it’s just one part of the dynamic and multi-faceted Scandinavian design trend. But one thing’s for sure, Scandinavian living room ideas are always chic, stylish, and fun elements to bring into your home. From interesting and fresh furniture designs, to clean colors and minimalist style, I’m sure you’ll find more than a few Scandinavian living room ideas that fit your personal taste.


1. Wood and White

Wood and White | Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For An Ultra-Chic Space

image via Style At Home

If you’re new to Scandinavian living room ideas, keep things simple—stick to wood and white. It’s a no-fail combination you can easily personalize for your taste. Light wood is ideal, but if you have rustic or unfinished pieces you can incorporate them as well!


2. Clean

The basic rule of most Scandinavian living room ideas is to keep things clean. Geometric patterns and 2-3 main colors should do the trick!


3. Rustic Touches

Rustic Touches | Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For An Ultra-Chic Space

image via entrancemakleri

If you’re not a fan of the less is more idea, stick to a monochrome color scheme for your walls and furniture, then decorate with plants and other natural pieces! You can also use rustic wood and leather to give your neutrals more character.


4. Pastel Accents

Pastel Accents | Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For An Ultra-Chic Space

image via Stylizimo Blog

Bored with black and white? Try an accent wall or a painting for a pop of color! Pastels are fun and youthful, but not too overpowering.


5. Futuristic

Scandinavian living room ideas aren’t all boring or plain. They’ve got lots of interesting and playful furniture designs you can explore! I’m loving this futuristic chair and sofa pairing.


6. Feminine

Scandinavian living room ideas aren’t all uptight and neutral! Light pink (or rose quartz!) is a trendy choice you can pair with your space’s equally chic Scandinavian design.


7. Luxurious

Ikea is one of the first things that come to mind when we say Scandinavian living room ideas. But aside from the cheap wood and plastic furniture, you can be luxurious with your space as well! Marble and other contemporary materials will blend seamlessly with your Scandinavian living room ideas. And don’t skimp on quality when it comes to your furniture!


8. Laid-Back

Many Scandinavian living room ideas are also youthful, so they also have very laid-back vibes. Frames on the floor, low tables, and whimsical decor pieces are very welcome in your living room!


9. Cozy

How do you make a stylish living room into a cozy space? Well, you can start with a cloth sofa and lots of pillows. Warm wood furniture and plants can also make your living room warmer. And maybe throw in a few personal decor or paintings to pull everything together!


10. Scandinavian Glam

Usually, when we think glamorous we think of excess or opulence, which doesn’t seem like a good fit for Scandinavian living room ideas. But gold accents, statement pieces, rich colors, and luxe fabrics like leather are all glamorous too, right? And they’ll all fit right into a Scandinavian design.


Watch this video for more Scandinavian living room ideas:

Because Scandinavian living room design ideas are simple and clean, you actually have a lot of room to experiment and personalize! Just because you start with plain furniture and straight lines, doesn’t mean you can’t breathe life and character into your home. What were your favorite Scandinavian living room ideas? Share them with me in the comments section!


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