11 Budget-Friendly DIY Coffee Table Ideas

by Wednesday, October 9, 2019

If you’re a serious decorator but don’t quite have enough money to burn whenever you have the urge to switch up your living room decor, DIY coffee table ideas are the way to go! Read on for DIY coffee table ideas no one will ever guess you made yourself.

11 DIY Coffee Table Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Decorator

Many times, my wallet can’t keep up with my urges to redecorate! And I know many of you feel the same. I love keeping my living room fresh and on-trend, but it can’t get expensive. So what do I do? I turn to projects like DIY coffee table ideas. I not only save on my purchase, I also get the gratification of making my own furniture and seeing my creations come to life! Now that’s priceless. So if you’re on yet another redecorating spree, these try out one of these DIY coffee table ideas. And bookmark this page for the future whenever you need a fresh, new coffee table!


1. Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Hairpin Leg Coffee Table | DIY Coffee Table Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Decorator

image via Delia Creates

Can you believe this is one of those DIY coffee table ideas? I sure can’t! Hairpin leg tables are trendy and contemporary, but the wood top on this one makes it homey too. The perfect combination, if you ask me.


2. Storage Coffee Table

Need extra storage? There are DIY coffee table ideas with added storage space! This acrylic top one is a flexible and trendy choice, and you have the option to either store or decorate with it.


3. Contemporary Wooden Coffee Table

Here’s one of those DIY coffee table ideas you’d never guess was DIY. I love how the wood planks are all different shades with different textures, it really makes the table unique.


4. Metal Base Coffee Table

The metal-base-and-wood-top combo is common, but in a good way! Whether your living room is traditional, classic, or modern, DIY coffee table ideas like this will be a perfect match.


5. West Elm-Inspired Coffee Table

Are you eyeing a brand new coffee table? Why not try making it yourself! This West Elm hack looks just like the real thing, for a lot cheaper as well.


6. Wood Slab Coffee Table

Wood Slab Coffee Table | DIY Coffee Table Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Decorator

image via I Spy DIY

If you’ve got a rustic or homey space, this wood slab table will fit right in with all your other furniture. It looks really sturdy too, which is an important quality to have in furniture!


7. Pallet Coffee Table

Make use of your extra wood pallets by turning them into a coffee table! This one even has shelves underneath for extra storage and less clutter.


8. Wood Slice Coffee Table

There are DIY coffee table ideas for small spaces, too. This wood slice one is so adorable, I want to make at least 3 of them! It can also double as a side table if you’re placing it in a larger space.


9. Wood Block Coffee Table

Wood Block Coffee Table | DIY Coffee Table Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Decorator

image via DIY Candy

Here’s another West Elm hack you need to see. It’s a big mid-century, a bit contemporary, but very stylish for sure. It’s minimalist enough to style however you like, but also eye-catching and unique enough to be the centerpiece of your living room!


10. Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

This reminds me of a painter’s palette, and I’m absolutely in love with it! You don’t have to stick with a white table top either, you can paint it with pastel colors, black, or whatever will match your living room.


11. Copper Sling Coffee Table

This copper pipe coffee table is the next DIY I’ll be trying out for myself! I think it’s so trendy youthful, and it’s the perfect coffee table for any season.


Watch this video for more DIY coffee table ideas:


Switching up your coffee table shouldn’t be expensive, and these DIY coffee table ideas are proof. All you need is a bit of extra time, effort, and a lot of creativity. I can’t wait to try all these DIY coffee table ideas for my own home!


Want more DIY projects like these DIY coffee table ideas? Check out these bohemian DIY decor! Which DIY coffee table ideas will you try? Leave me a comment below!


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