15 Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Homes and rooms with hardwood floors are an absolute joy to decorate. Hardwood floors make for cozy and homey spaces, which is perfect because fall is the season of warm colors and homey decor. If you have hardwood floors at home, I can show you the right decor concepts to make them stand out. Or if you’re planning to renovate or remodel this season, read on to get inspiration from stunning homes that use hardwood floors.

15 Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

Get Inspired By These Stunning Hardwood Homes

Hardwood floors work with every home design aesthetic you can possibly think of. Whether your home is modern, classic, or small, wood can add a much-needed cozy touch to your space. I love decorating spaces with hardwood floors in the fall, because I can really emphasize the warmth of wood. If you’re looking for ways to cozy up your home design this fall, look no further. I’ve found some gorgeous homes that design and decorate around hardwood floors. Keep reading to see them!


1. Black And Wood

Hardwood floors can transform black from a hard, serious color, into a cozy and chic space. The dark brown hardwood floors are cohesive with the dark design, but they add dimension to the room’s design.


2. Mixed Shades

You definitely don’t have to stick with one shade of wood. It can be hard to find furniture and decor to match your hardwood floors, so embrace the different shades. This room has light wood, reddish wood, and even warm wood ceilings. Very cozy indeed!


3. Urban

Urban spaces are usually very cold and stiff: metal furniture, industrial accents, exposed pipes. Hardwood floors can instantly add warmth to an urban design, just like this dining and kitchen space.


4. Traditional

Traditional | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via HGTV

Hardwood floors are a basic design element of any traditional home. Decorate with white and other neutral elements to make your floors really stand out.


5. Fall Colors

The great thing about hardwood floors is they come in neutral shades, so they look good with almost any color. So pick out your favorite fall colors, find fall-ready furniture, and decorate away! I love the red and orange gradient effect on this kitchen counter.


6. Bright Boho

When I say hardwood floors go with any design aesthetic, I mean it! The laid-back vibe of boho design blends in seamlessly with hardwood floors. Add pops of color with your decor using chairs or even an accent wall.


7. Ebony Stain

This has got to be one of my most glamorous homes I’ve ever seen, thanks to the dark ebony hardwood floors! Black wood can add luxury to any space, while still keeping the homey vibe. It looks great with glass decor like lights and chandeliers.


8. Orange Tones

Orange tones are one of my favorite transitional colors. This bright color works great in the summer, but is also an ideal fall color. So if you have nice medium tone hardwood floors, just add a few cozy rugs to make it fall-ready!


9. Mixed Textures

Shades aren’t the only thing you can mix and match with hardwood floors, there are different textures of wood out there as well! I love the contrast between these rough warm wood floors and the clean light wood shelves.


10. White and Wood

White and Wood | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via Dulux

White is on-trend this fall, and it just happens to look stunning with hardwood floors! Pick a lighter shade of wood to keep your space looking bright and clean.


11. Warm Pastels

Warm Pastels | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via Royal Roulotte

I think I’ve found my new dream nursery! This is such a warm, cozy space—everything a nursery should be. The old rose and deep blue furniture are also more chic and edgy, making this a very, very stylish space.


12. Retro Modern

Retro Modern | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via Royal Roulotte

Retro style can look a bit dated if not done right, so contrast it with some timeless elements like hardwood floors. I think the wood floors really bring out the stylish elements in this space.


13. Wood and Marble

Wood and Marble | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via Nicole Frazen

Marble tends to look cold, like it’s fit for a mansion or a hotel, not a home. Hardwood floors can balance it out and give it warmth and character. Now this definitely looks like an inviting home.


14. Rustic

Rustic | Cozy Ways To Decorate Hardwood Floors This Fall

image via House Beautiful

If you love doing wood pallet projects, take advantage of it! Pair your hardwood floors with rustic wood furniture and decor and you’ll feel right at home.


15. Minimalist

Yes, wood works in a minimalist home too! A lot of minimalist pieces seem plain and lacking in personality. So make your minimalist space a cozy one by adding wood floors and a few wood decor. Just make sure to pick finer grains and lighter shades of wood.


Watch this video from Home Depot Canada to learn how to pick the best hardwood floors for your home:


With these great ideas, I’m sure you can turn your home into an inviting sanctuary this fall. Do you have any other fall design ideas? Share them with me by leaving a comment below!


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