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by Friday, June 17, 2022

If you think a bathroom is purely a functional space, think again. These beautiful master bathroom ideas will prove you wrong. And who knows, you might even be inspired to turn your master bath into a personal oasis. If you’re ready to take a plunge, you’ll need only the best inspiration and master bathroom ideas. You’re in for a treat because I’ve put together some of the most stunning master baths I’ve ever seen. You won’t believe some of these spaces are homes, not actual spas! Read on to see them.

21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

Feast Your Eyes On These Beautiful Bathrooms

They say master bathrooms are the new master bedrooms, and I agree completely. With the right master bathroom ideas, you can create your very own home spa! Isn’t that amazing? It’ll be your own slice of heaven, and you won’t even have to leave home.


1. European Vintage

The gorgeous walls of this bathroom will make you want to soak in the tub for the whole day just to marvel at these intricate patterns. How to get this look? Pick interesting wallpaper with patterns and designs you love.

2. Classic

There’s something about the classic design that’s so calming. Go for a classically shaped bathtub, traditional bathroom tiles, wood furnishings, and lots of natural light.

3. Clean

Clean | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Ikea

Light wood finishings and simple white walls will give you the ultimate relaxation space. Check out Ikea to get this look.

4. Dark Marble

On the other hand, a warm master bath is just as enticing. The most decadent master bathroom ideas? Anything that involves dark marble and warm wood.

5. Asian-Inspired

If you can’t jet off to an exotic destination, you can still bring the atmosphere to your home. Asian-inspired master bathroom ideas like wood floors, sunken tubs, and garden views will make you feel like every day is a vacation.

6. Luxurious

Marble is luxurious, whether dark or light. For a more cheerful atmosphere, white marble is the perfect choice. Silver fixtures will give you a clean, modern look.

7. Modern Traditional

You’re not limited to just a few master bathroom ideas either. Combine the best of modern monochrome colors and silver fixtures, with traditional design elements like clean white walls and cozy curtains. The result? A bathroom you’ll use for ages.

8. Minimalist

Minimalist | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via OFD Architects

Want to use your bathroom to help clear your head after a stressful day? Minimalist master bathroom ideas can do that for you. Stick to clean lines, a neutral color palette, and geometric shapes.

9. Industrial

Industrial | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Dwell

Rugged concrete, modern glass, and edgy bathroom fixtures come together for a dream bathroom you thought you’d only see in magazines.

10. Bamboo

Bamboo | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Dwell

Sick of the usual wood choices? Try bamboo! Whether you’re designing an Asian-inspired master bath or a cozy one, bamboo is a unique way to add warmth.

11. Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Pottery Barn

If you’re in the city and you’re homesick for the country or farmhouse life, I know how you feel. Don’t worry though, because modern farmhouse design is back in style! Upgrade your space with glass and metal, but keep the charm and coziness of farmhouse design.

12. Bright Neutrals

Grey doesn’t have to be drab. In fact, it can make a stunning master bath! The trick? Pick a shade of grey with blue undertones, then pair it with a bright color like white. And don’t forget to let lots of natural light in!

13. Brick Walls

Brick Walls | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via HGTV

Looking for tile substitutes? Wood walls aren’t always practical master bathroom ideas, so why not try brick? It’ll definitely make your master bath cozy.

14. Glamorous

Glamorous | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via House Beautiful

The best master bathroom ideas are the ones that can turn your bathroom into a space you’ll never want to leave. And who would want to leave a master bath with glamorous gold and glass fixtures, and a chandelier?

15. Cozy Elegant

If you’re looking for master bathroom ideas that can upgrade your space, why not add an elegant touch to your cozy bathroom? Wood is cozy, but glass and white details make it elegant at the same time.

16. Preppy

Preppy | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Elle Decor

Blue, gold, and white is a youthful yet tasteful color scheme. Luxury is great, but it’s also important to have fun with your master bathroom. Play with patterns like these cute scallop walls.

17. Personalized

Personalized | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Vanity Fair

This gorgeous bathroom belongs to fashion designer Alice Temperly, and just by looking at the room you know she loves fashion! Another way to create a relaxing space is to surround yourself with things you love. Bring in your favorite art or your favorite furniture.

18. Marble and Gold

Marble and Gold | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Elle Decor

Marble and gold is such a timeless and classy combination, sometimes I want to use it everywhere! For a touch of color, add a painting or even some plants.

19. Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Elle Decor

Ralph Lauren Home wallpaper gives this classic Italian home a contemporary upgrade. Blue is such a relaxing color as well.

20. Greek Spa

Greek Spa | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Elle Decor

You’ve gone to Asia in your master bath, now it’s time to jet off to Greece! This Greek-inspired space with a sunken tub looks just like an exotic spa.

21. Colorful

Colorful | 21 Stunning Master Bathroom Ideas

image via Elle Decor

Other youthful master bathroom ideas include adding color to your space! You can keep classic bathroom elements like marble, but inject some color through your wallpaper, or even plants and flowers.


Watch this video from House & Home to get tips for styling your coffee tables:

After seeing all these stunning master bathroom ideas, I can’t decide which one I like best! If you can’t decide either, go with your gut. At the end of the day, the most relaxing master bath is one you genuinely feel comfortable in.

Which master bathroom was your favorite? Let me know below in the comments! Want more bathroom ideas? Check these out!

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