12 Creative Girl’s Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

by Friday, June 17, 2022

Looking for cool yet affordable girl’s room decor ideas? You’ll definitely get inspired by these Washi tape DIY projects. They are not only super fun and easy but they will certainly add flair and life to a dull and plain bedroom, and the best part is that they’re oh so cheap!

If you’re into arts and crafts and obsessed with Washi tapes, like I am, now’s the chance to use your stash for a major girl’s room decor project. Get the aid of your daughter, sister, or friend and turn it into a fun-filled bonding activity.

12 Creative Girl’s Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

There are lots of affordable girl’s room decor ideas you can certainly do on your own. But here I’d like to particularly highlight how you can use the humble Washi tape to create beautiful decor pieces any girl would love to have in her room.


1. Unique Wall Frames

Unique Wall Frames | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via Domino

Framed memories are perfect girl’s room decorations. This concept of using Washi tape as an alternative to wood or metal frames is ideal for people who are not so keen on drilling holes or making permanent marks to their space.  You also have the choice to change the look and position of the frames as often as you want.

2. Colorful Light Switch

For a more noticeable light switch, cover its plate with Washi tape and some Mod Podge. With this vibrant reminder, your kid won’t forget to turn the lights off anymore.

3. Organized Charger Labels

Color coordination is a great way to organize objects to avoid clutter and confusion. Take these cool mobile chargers with Washi tape labels for instance. Kids will easily identify which is which. The colorful designs also make small stuff easily seen for quick finding.

4. Oversized Wall Calendar

 Over-size Wall Calendar | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via Decoesfera

Make a bare wall functional by creating an oversized wall calendar as a girl’s room decor. Pair it with colorful post-it notes and you instantly have a life-size reminder that won’t surely go unnoticed.

5. Wall Hanger Tree

Wall Hanger Tree | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via HGTV

Need some space to hang bags, hats, belts or accessories? How about a Washi tape inspired hanger tree? Complete the look with a few hooks to act as a holder. Not only is this a nice girl’s room decor but it also maximizes the vertical space for storage.

6. Vibrant Drawers

You don’t need to buy a new drawer to complete the look of a girl’s room. Make your imagination fly and re-purpose old drawers like this colorful ensemble. Definitely a must-try at home!

7. Cords and Cables Organizer

Here’s a cool way to keep cords and cables out of the way by using Washi tape. If you can’t hide it, might as well incorporate it into your girl’s room decor. It’s style and safety all in one.

8. Girl’s Room Decor Wall

Say goodbye to boring walls and say hello to this vibrant accent wall adorned with Washi tape strips. You don’t always need to resort to paint, wallpaper, or wall decals. This is a great and cheap alternative that you should definitely try!

9. Girl’s Room Decor Door

Girl’s Room Decor Door | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via HGTV

Turn a door into a lovely statement piece for a girl’s room by putting together pastel and printed Washi tapes. I particularly love this crisscrossed style because of its simplicity. You don’t have to be a designer or artist to achieve this look.

10. Mirror Magic

Every girl would feel like a princess using this pretty mirror with Washi tape stripes design. You can either cover the mirror’s border with Washi tape or surround the whole thing with a mural design just like what you’d do with a wall decal.

11. Night Lamp

Dolled Up Lamp Shade | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via HGTV

Match the night lamp with the girl’s room decor for cheap using Washi tape. A sure Pinterest-worthy project that you and your girl will enjoy creating together!

12. Inspired Headboard

Inspired Headboard | Creative Girls Room Decor Hacks Using Washi Tape

Image via Her Campus

Inspire your girl to greater heights with a customized headboard wall mural. Too intricate for your taste? Why not write a favorite quote, or a positive word, using Washi tape instead?


Watch this video from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas to see more Washi tape girl’s room decor ideas:

See, you don’t have to spend too much to spruce up a girl’s room decor. All you need are a few rolls of colorful Washi tapes and some creative inspiration. Do you have your own Washi tape hacks? I’d love to know about it in the comments area below.


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