5 DIY Flooring Ideas For Your Room

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Re-doing your flooring is a major operation that can put a dent on your home budget. But don’t fret, these DIY flooring ideas are affordable and simple ways to make your home look more luxurious!

DIY Flooring Ideas For A Quick Home Upgrade

Usually when we look for simple ways to change the look and feel of our homes, DIY flooring isn’t our first thought. It wasn’t mine, that’s for sure! But I’ve been seeing a lot of great DIY flooring ideas recently, and they’re slowly convincing me to try something new! I’ve had the same tile and wood floors for a while now, so a change can be just what I need to refresh my home. If you’re worried about flooring upgrades costing big money, don’t be! I’ve found a few easy DIY flooring projects you can try out for yourself.


1. Metallic DIY Flooring

Yes, even your garage can benefit from a floor upgrade! I love how these metallic floors are still rugged and appropriate for the garage, just a bit more expensive-looking. Indoors, I think they’d look amazing in an ultra-modern living room!


2. Geometric Wood DIY Flooring

This geometric DIY flooring looks like a complicated process, but it’s not! You can even let your creative juices flow and arrange the geometric pieces in different patterns.



3. Floorcloths

Floorcloths | DIY Flooring Ideas For Your Room

image via Design Sponge

If you’re not quite ready to commit and re-do your floors, DIY floorcloths can help you experiment and make up your mind! Because they’re made of cloth, they also give your room a warm and cozy feel.


4. Faux Cement Tile DIY Flooring

Can you believe this is a DIY project? I can’t! This would be perfect for your outdoor spaces like a patio or porch, or as substitute bathroom tiles!


5. Color Wash DIY Flooring

These look like designer floors, but they’re actually just DIY color wash! Pick your favorite bold color and make the floors your room’s focal point.


Watch this video and learn how to do marble DIY flooring:

I think it’s safe to say that re-doing your flooring doesn’t have to be difficult. These DIY projects sure prove it! I can’t wait to try out the color wash and the faux cement tiles for my own home.


Which ones will you do for your home? Let me know in the comments section below!

Need more DIY ideas for your home? These simple projects will upgrade your room!


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