10 Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

As much as we try to think otherwise, the holidays are a time of spending and shopping. It’s okay to splurge a bit this Christmas, as long as you don’t go overboard! So when you’re shopping for living room Christmas makeover ideas, try to stick to a budget and buy timeless pieces you can reuse or refresh in the years to come. To complete your living room Christmas makeover, check out these essential and affordable picks!

Budget-Friendly Living Room Christmas Makeover Ideas

If you’re on a tight budget this season, don’t worry. I’ve got two go-to solutions for the most festive home you’ll ever have: DIY projects and affordable yet stylish decor! If you don’t have the creative juices or the time to make your own Christmas decor, sticking to a budget is your best bet. Luckily, many top stores have Christmas decor picks for under $50, and others are on sale this season. So keep your eye out for promos, markdowns, and other ways to save on Christmas decor.

Here are some of my top picks for festive decor on a budget:


1. Personalized Ornaments, $10 for 2

Christmas tree ornaments are the simplest and most affordable way to pull off your living room Christmas makeover. But don’t settle for normal balls or stars! Urban Outfitters has unique and personalized picks like this polaroid ornament.


2. Potted Christmas Tree, $19.99

Potted Christmas Tree | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Ikea

Decorating a small space for the holidays? You don’t need a huge Christmas tree to make an impact. Ikea has these miniature potted trees, and they’re so adorable! Even if you have a big space, use these tiny trees as accents.


3. Festive Pillows, $5

Festive Pillow | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Ikea

Changing your throw pillows is another simple way to add a festive touch to your living room. Ikea has modern and stylish designs, I think I’m buying them all!


4. Stockings, $3.88

Stockings | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Wayfair

What’s a living room Christmas makeover without stockings? Whether or not you have a fireplace to hang them on, stockings are the most recognizable and common decor you can get for the season. Pick your favorite designs, or personalize your own stockings!


5. Nutcracker Figurine, $30.02

Nutcracker Figurine | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Wayfair

Figurines are eye-catching additions to your living room, and I always look forward to getting new designs every year. Don’t let your budget stop you from buying those coveted figurines! Wayfair has picks under $50, just like this gingerbread nutcracker.


6. Tree Skirt, $39

Tree Skirt | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via West Elm

Tree skirts are both practical and decorative, which makes them another living room Christmas makeover essential. You wouldn’t want your gifts getting dirty, right? West Elm has this really cozy felt tree skirt, and it comes in red as well!


7. Printable Art, $4.90

Printed Art | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Etsy

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, especially during Christmas. I found this modern printable art on Etsy, and I’ve already printed mine! Just pick out a frame (or use an old one), and you’re good to go.


8. Festive Wall Decals, $33.77

Festive Wall Decals | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Etsy

If your living room is more contemporary, why not try wall decals? They’re also a kid-friendly idea and you won’t have to worry about broken decor or ruined fabrics. Your living room will look like a winter wonderland!


9. Festive Poster, $5

Poster | Living Room Christmas Makeover Essentials Under $50

image via Etsy

Graphic posters are simple and small space-friendly ideas! I swear, Etsy is a gold mine for artsy yet affordable living room Christmas makeover ideas. This red and white poster will stand out in any room for sure!


10. Gem String Lights, $14

Christmas is never complete without bright lights! But this year, upgrade your regular ones with these gem string lights. The colors are so fun, don’t you think?
Get more holiday inspiration from this video:


See? Decorating on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve got so many options. Your purchases will be worth every penny, as long as you create your dream holiday living room!

Have any unique or creative living room Christmas makeover ideas? Share them in the comments section below!


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Featured Image via Randi Garrett Design

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