11 Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Bring In The Holiday Cheer

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Decorating your home for the holidays means turning each and every room into a festive space! While you’re putting up your tree and hanging your stockings, don’t miss out on Christmas bedroom ideas either. Unwinding in a cozy, festive bedroom after a long day of parties and entertaining sounds perfect, right? So Christmas bedroom ideas can help you achieve that. Read on and get inspiration to decorate your bedroom for this season!

Cool Christmas Bedroom Ideas For You

When I decorate my home for the holidays, I decorate everywhere. No space is left unturned, I’m sure of that! So after my living room, I get ready for the season withChristmas bedroom ideas for a cozy and warm space. And I throw in a few festive pieces for good measure! You don’t have to go all-out with wreaths and lights, but adding a few bedroom Christmas ideas will make the yuletide even merrier. From subtle decor to creative design ideas, check out some of the inspiration I’m using this year.


1. Farmhouse-Inspired

Farmhouse-Inspired | Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Bring In The Holiday Cheer

image via Liz Marie Blog

Do you miss country living? Whether you’re in the big city or the suburbs, turn your bedroom into a farmhouse-inspired space this season. Red, white, and warm browns should be your color scheme of choice.

2. A Tree By The Bed

Nothing says Christmas like a tree, right? So while the show-stopping lights and sights should be in your living room, there’s no harm in bringing in a small tree by the bed. If you’re in a studio apartment or a small space, this is also a great way to get your holiday decorating done!

3. Plaid

Christmas always reminds me of home and traditions. So when you’re picking accent prints, go for classic ones like plaid, argyle, or stripes. They can turn a neutral room into a holiday-ready space!

4. Canopy Lights

Have spare Christmas lights? Place them on your canopy for a merry and bright bedroom. You can even add in a wreath for good measure!

5. Bright Rustic

Bright Rustic | Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Bring In The Holiday Cheer

image via Love Grows Wild

Red, green, and metallics aren’t the only colors you can use for Christmas bedroom ideas. If you want a more subtle or rustic look, find rustic versions of classic Christmas pieces like scarves, signs, and wreaths.

6. Vintage

Vintage | Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Bring In The Holiday Cheer

image via Country Living

Take a trip down memory lane this season! Vintage-inspired Christmas bedroom ideas will get your creativity flowing. Plus, they’re great ways to bond with your mom of grandma!

7. Traditional

Kids need Christmas cheer the most, if you ask me. Kid-friendly Christmas bedroom ideas include festive beddings (reindeer sheets are so adorable!), wall hangings, and mini trees.

8. Small Space-Friendly

Small Space-Friendly | Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Bring In The Holiday Cheer

image via Zoella

Don’t have the luxury of space? Go cozy instead of grand this holiday season. Wrap some lights around your headboard, hang a garland or two, and put a tree on your bedside table!

9. Gold and Red

Gold can make any space more luxurious, especially during the holidays. Red velvet beddings and gold ornaments will look so dreamy!

10. Chic Neutrals

Another way to keep things simple and clean this season: stick to neutral colors and add touches of green. Wreaths, garlands, and even festive potted plants will still be just as merry and bright.

11. Christmas Stockings

This is such an adorable idea, I think I’m going to try it out right now! Hang some stockings at the foot of your bed for an easy but still Yuletide-ready bedroom.
Watch this video to get even more Christmas bedroom ideas:

I think my biggest challenge right now is trying to fit all these amazing Christmas bedroom ideas into my own room. I can’t seem to choose just one or two. Here’s hoping we all design and decorate our bedrooms in time for Christmas!

Want more festive inspiration like these Christmas bedroom ideas? These Christmas trees are just what you need! Do you have any go-to Christmas bedroom ideas? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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