The Best Chic Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

A color palette for your living room is one of the first things you need to decide on when you’re decorating. You’ll need a color scheme before you start painting the walls, and before buying furniture and decor. To help you with your choice, here are six chic blue and brown living room ideas. Read on to see your options.

The Best Chic Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

How to use this chic color combination

Blue and brown is a very versatile color palette. Aside from all the color and shade options, you can also go for different looks and feels using just blue and brown—everything from nautical, to modern, and even vintage. Plus, blue and brown is a chic color combination that’s gender neutral, making it perfect for common areas like your living room.


1. Homey nautical

Go for a nautical look with bold blue and white patterns like stripes and plaid, and pair it with light wood that’s on the rough side. Brown wicker chairs do a great job of making your living room feel so much more like home. Elle Decor has a list of chic rope furniture you can add to your nautical living room.


2. Bright pastels

Brighten up a small space by using brown and blue in pastel tones. Light wood with white decor look great together, and light blue accents give a much-needed pop of color and personality. For more ideas, StyleCaster has 25 ways to decorate with pastels.


3. Blue accents

Blue accents | 6 Chic Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

image via Rinfret, ltd.

If you’re going for a more traditional look with warm dark wood and elaborate decor, a touch of blue from an accent chair (or two!) will also give your living room a pop of color. A hint of blue will make a dark space into a cheery, homey living room. Elegant living rooms are worth the effort—check out these ideas from Traditional Home.


4. A touch of wood

A touch of wood | 6 Chic Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

image via Home Bunch

A few wood accents will definitely do good in trendier living rooms to give them some warmth. Pick a coffee table in light brown wood to match beachy, bright decor, and spruce up a light brown sofa with patterns in different shades of blue. Forbes has a guide to choosing the best quality furniture, including wood.


5. Pretty prints

Pretty prints | 6 Chic Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

image via Home Bunch

Brown has the potential to be a bit boring. Avoid that completely by adding some furniture with blue prints. Whether it’s a graphic print or a more traditional one like these florals, they’re sure to make your living room much more interesting.


6. Modern

Blue and brown can be modern too! It’s all in the shades you choose and the furniture you put. Choose a darker blue with hints of gray, then pair it with gold or copper decor. If you want to add  some warmth, go for wood accents like these barstools.


If you’re still having trouble deciding on a color scheme, watch this video for great tips:

As you’ve seen, there are so many blue and brown living room ideas for every style. It’s definitely a color palette that works well in any home, any living room. Comment below which one was your favorite!

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