Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

These home office design tricks will inspire you to think big even with limited space. Achieve a fully-functional workspace in a small studio-type apartment. Create a private area for you to concentrate and accomplish all your tasks even without a spare room in your house. You may ask how that is possible. Keep reading and you’ll see, with a little creativity and handy work you can transform just about any available space or corner into the ideal home office.

Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

Having a huge area in your house dedicated just for your home office is a sure treat. But most people don’t have the luxury of a spare room or an extra space. Some resort to invading the dining table or couch and it’s rather hard to be motivated in that kind of set-up. But here’s the thing, there are many home office design tricks that can transform a corner, or a plain wall, into a well-designed office area. Hard to believe? Well, these clever ideas will definitely convince you.


Behind Curtains

Behind Curtains | Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

Image via DigsDigs

Pretty curtains are not just for windows. They can also be used to create partitions in an open space. This idea is perfect for a studio apartment because it gives the option to hide your home office from plain sight whenever you have guests that’ll come over your place.

Bookshelf Divider

Bookshelf Divider | Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

Image via Ovnis

Another clever idea I really like was this trick of utilizing a divider shelf to create two home office stations. Do some customization by mounting individual desks on both sides.

Stand Up Desk

Standup Desk | Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

Image via Open Soul

A stand-up desk is a great small home office design idea because it requires lesser space than its sit down counterpart. It has been an emerging trend, and for a good reason. It motivates people to avoid the sedentary lifestyle of being nailed to the desk for hours.

In the Cupboard

In the Cupboard | Clever Home Office Design Tricks For Limited Spaces

Image via Gaca Home

Clean up some clutter in your cupboard and you’ll realize that it can be used as a perfect home office space. When you don’t need it, you can easily close it and all your work clutter will be tucked away.

Stair Space

Transform the space under your stairs into your own office nook. Mount wall shelves to add extra storage and go for slim and sleek furniture to keep it clean and simple.

Dropdown Desk

How about a wall painting that doubles as a drop-down desk? Isn’t that cool or what? Take advantage of your wall’s extra space. Instead of using it just for wall decors, use it as a place to hide your workstation in a creative fashion.

Closet Workspace

If you’re lucky to have extra closet space or a provision for a built-in closet, you can transform it into your tiny home office complete with storage shelves and office furniture.

Convertible Pallet Desk

If you are skilled with wood work or know someone who is, you can have something like this customized. Wood pallets can be used for this low-cost convertible home office design.

Murphy Bed Office

I particularly love this home office design because of its multi-functionality. When you’re dealing with limited spaces, each item in your place should serve multiple purposes to maximize the space it covers.

Portable Home Office

When a permanent home office design won’t really fit your space, go for a movable one. This custom box that has a pull-out table and built-in printer storage is perfect for an improvised living room workstation you can remove anytime you need more space.


Watch this video from Grig Stamate for more home office design ideas for small living spaces:

Having a good home office design, even with limited space, is important because it can make or break your work efficiency and productivity. A good workspace can motivate you to get up in the morning and start your tasks with excitement. So, don’t let the size of your home prevent you from having one. Let these ideas be your guide and enjoy your own home office soon!

Want more home office design ideas? Check this out! If you also have design tricks for small spaces, I’d love to know about it in the comments area below!

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