10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Apartment living room ideas are limited to the space you’re allowed to work with. Do the terms of your stay cramp your personal style? Fortunately, there are nifty ways you can transform your place into the very definition of creature comforts.

10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

Clever apartment living room ideas on space saving

Space comes at a premium when you’re renting, and coming up with apartment living room ideas is a real challenge.

Choosing the right furniture makes the most out of apartment space. And there are plenty of other ways you can also spruce up your apartment. Finding space in unlikely places and innate ingenuity win the day with these space-saving ideas.

1. Stack Stuff High With a Shelf Stand

Floor space is limited in apartments, which means stacking upwards is the way to go. Shelf stands maximize storage for sundries, leaving more room for essential furniture. If you’re up to the task, you can also build DIY shelves.

2. Corner Shelves Save Space in Tight Quarters

Make good use of corners, with shelves that don’t get in the way of existing furniture. Floating shelves may be built over a couch or a corner table. This is also a solution if your apartment’s entry is flanked by corners. Book shelves can also be used for display or for storage, whatever suits your fancy.

3. A Swivel Cabinet Lets You Mix Things Up

A swivel cabinet lets you mix things up | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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A swivel cabinet can be the centerpiece of your living room, with plenty of space to spare. It’s also functional placed against a wall, with the concealed side used as storage for personal items.

4. Maximize Leg Room With a Storage Bench

Maximize leg room with a storage bench | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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This is a staple of many apartments, and you should consider building one for yours. It’s basically a footlocker that doubles as a bench. Imagine all that storage space you can fill.

5. A Pallet Couch Keeps Good Reads Within Reach

A pallet couch keeps good reads within reach | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

Image via 99 Pallets

You’ve probably seen furniture made out of reclaimed pallets. A pallet couch has nifty book shelves on the sides and under the seat, so you can catch up on your reading in a jiffy.

6. An Extra Table Top, When You Need It

An extra table top, when you need it | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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If you like side tables, then you’ll love nesting tables. They expand on available space then tucks neatly into its nest when you don’t need it.

7. A Handy Couch Arm Wrap (Don’t Forget To Use Coasters)

A handy couch arm wrap (don’t forget to use coasters) | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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On the flip side, if you think side tables only function as placeholders for drinks, then you should use a wooden arm wrap for your couch instead. It’s neat and handy, and it’s just as useful without hogging extra floor space.

8. Do Away With Side Tables

Do away with side tables | 10 Space-Saving Apartment Living Room Ideas

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This nice variation ensures you won’t misplace the TV remote, ever. It also functions like your couch’s holster. A sling for all your living room’s knickknacks and essentials.

9. Store Sundries With These Wicker Coffee Tables

Often at the center of living rooms, coffee tables tend to occupy too much space. So opt for one that can offer better storage functions. You can go for wicker coffee tables that keep clutter in your living room contained.

10. Ottomans for Seating, Stowing, and Serving

While it is widely known that ottomans may even double as a storage box, some have the added feature of functioning as a serving table. If you think that’s nifty, then you should seriously consider an upgrade.


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There’s plenty of apartment living room ideas you can try, most of these you can do on your own. Making use of every square inch of available space gets you a clutter-free, organized living space.

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