Modern Traditional Living Room Ideas: Trendy Decorating Tips For Any Style

by Friday, June 17, 2022

You may be asking, what are modern traditional living room ideas? For us, they’re a way to give an old or traditional space a fresh new look. Maybe you have a traditional space you want to update and give a new lease of life. Or maybe you want to give your trendy modern space a timeless feel with traditional pieces. Whichever you prefer, keep reading for 5 modern traditional living room ideas to transform your living room into well-rounded space!

Modern Traditional Living Room Ideas For A Quick Makeover

When it’s time for a living room makeover it can be hard to decide on a concept, and even harder to let go of your existing living room. Modern traditional living room ideas are perfect if you’re looking for an upgrade but not yet ready for a total change. This way, you can still use some of your old furniture and decor—all you need to do is give them new, modern updates and add a few pieces of stylish furniture.

Here are 5 important tips and modern traditional living room ideas to kickstart your makeover:


1. Vintage can be trendy

There’s a kind of vintage that’s old enough to be stylish again. ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s-inspired home decor are making a comeback. Dig up those ottomans and suede or cloth chairs you have in storage, or add some vintage graphic prints to your living room. Then, put a modern twist with metal decor like a lamp, and big glass windows!


2. Decide what to keep, and what to lose

One of the important features of a modern living room is being clutter-free. But that doesn’t mean your living room has to be bare. Keep traditional decor that you really like and you think will fit really well with your living room. But do away with clutter or items you can live without!


3. DIY your decor

Take your existing decor and update them yourself. These color block planters and also throw pillow covers are affordable, easy DIY projects. You’ll have total control over how your decor looks, plus you’ll save money!


4. Mix modern and traditional

Mix Modern and Traditional | Modern Traditional Living Room Ideas: Trendy Decorating Tips For Any Style

image via Southern Living

Modern and traditional styles can definitely go together, it’s all a matter of finding the right balance. This living room puts a traditional rug as a centerpiece. But it adds modern design with a glass coffee table, big windows, and a rectangular couch.


5. Furnish modern, decorate traditional

Furnish modern, decorate traditional | Modern Traditional Living Room Ideas: 5 Trendy Decorating Tips

image via West Elm

Modern and traditional design have their own strengths, so use them. Modern design has great functionality, so pick furniture that looks and functions for right now. Traditional design has a whole variety of decor options for every look, color, and personality. Take your pick from all the traditional decor available—vases, flower arrangements, even little knick knacks.
Watch this video for even more modern traditional living room ideas:


The modern traditional design is all about finding the right balance between the two. They may seem like opposite design ideas, but they actually complement each other to make a living room that’s both trendy and livable. It’s the perfect match, if you ask me!

How would your decorate with modern traditional living room ideas? If you’ve got any ideas or inspiration, share them with me in the comments section below!

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