Eclectic Living Room Decor: 5 Chic Ways To Mix and Match

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

All you need are a few eclectic living room decor to make your space more interesting for you and your guests! Eclectic living room decors aren’t just for show, they can also serve as conversation-starters when you have guests overs and host parties, plus they can reflect your taste and personality even better than generic pieces. What’s not to love? Just read on to see some of my top picks!

5 Chic Eclectic Living Room Decor Ideas

Whenever I decorate, I make it a point to combine different styles and trends. I think they make space much more personal with their uniqueness, and they make your living room stand out from a sea of other modern or traditional-themed spaces. Eclectic living room ideas will showcase your eye for style, art, and design! If you think you’re missing that extra dash of oomph or spice in your home, bringing together a few different styles to create eclectic living room decor of your own can solve your woes. So today I’ll be sharing different ways to approach eclectic living room decor for your own home!


1. Modern Mediterranean

Some of the easiest things you can do with eclectic living room decor is to upgrade and update older design trends. For example, add a modern twist to Mediterranean style like this living room or contrast your vintage decor with on-trend pieces.


2. Various Textures

You can also bring in all sorts of textures to turn your space into a sensory overload! From the soft sofas to the stained wood, to the printed linens and flower centerpieces, you won’t run out of things to look at in this living room.


3. Victorian Meets Art Deco

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or simply a fan of great style, bringing together different art movements in your living room is sure to be a hit. This living room has an Art Deco table, a Victorian terrarium, and a variety of paintings!


4. East and West

Don’t feel limited to Western styles either! Go explore other cultures and take them back home with you through your eclectic living room decor. It’ll make your living room an adventurous experience!


5. Industrial Bohemian

Industrial Bohemian | Eclectic Living Room Decor: 5 Chic Ways To Mix and Match

image via Structube

Industrial and bohemian style don’t seem like very compatible styles, but you’d be surprised! Sometimes polar opposites can come together and create a stylish, modern space. I love how the laid-back seating options contrast the brick walls and modern lamps, don’t you?


Watch this video and see real-life eclectic living room decor:

Being unique isn’t a bad thing at all! In fact, decor that’s different from the rest is so much more interesting and dynamic than generic pieces you see in practically every living room. When it comes to creativity and decorating, don’t follow the crowds—make your own decisions! Do you have any eclectic living room decor in your home? Share them with me in the comments section below!


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