10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

You don’t have to dread doing your laundry in a cluttered and cramped up space anymore. With these cool IKEA laundry room ideas, you can utilize every nook and cranny inside your house.

Not everyone has the luxury to live in large spaces, and more often than not, it’s the laundry area that is being compromised. You find yourself in a constant struggle to find a decent area to dry clothes. The washer is placed in an awkward spot and detergents are put together with other bathroom stuff.  It need not be the case because IKEA offers many functional pieces that can turn any small space into a well-designed and efficient laundry room.

10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

There are many ways to maximize a limited space. Check out these 10 IKEA laundry room ideas and be inspired to start your own DIY make-over project.


1. Multi-functional Corner

Multifunctional Corner | 10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via Chatelaine

Transform a small corner into a multi-purpose laundry space with these IKEA Grundtal laundry bins and wall mounted drying racks. By placing the laundry bins below a small table, and the drying racks above, you will fulfill three needs: drying area, folding area, and hamper storage.

2. Door Entrance

Door Entrance | 10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via Oeker.net

Not enough space inside the rooms? Why not use the vacant space near your bathroom door? For a less confined look, go for transparent pieces and wall mounted frames from IKEA’s ALGOT laundry room collection.

3. Functional Washer Frame

Functional Washer Frame | 10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via IKEA

Get the most out of the extra spaces around your washer by framing it with this wall mounted IKEA steel frame that has a drying rack and shelf provisions. It can also house your other cleaning essentials such as vacuum cleaner, pale and mop.

4. Staircase Advantage

Staircase Advantage |10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via Gaudunica

Don’t be afraid to make use of the space below a staircase. With sleek and matching cabinets plus laundry room essentials from IKEA, you can make a full laundry room out of this space. You can even have an area for ironing and easily tuck it away when not in use.

5. Veranda Agenda

Veranda Agenda | 10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via Elle Maison

A veranda, an outdoor extension, or an unused garage can be utilized as a laundry room too. The best part about it is that it is well-ventilated and doesn’t compete for space inside your house. To achieve the look, go for slim but sturdy pieces like these indoor / outdoor drying racks, cabinets, and laundry baskets from IKEA.

6. Bathroom Invasion

Your bathroom is one ideal place to share with your laundry room. It is accessible to water supply and has proper drainage. However, an unorganized bathroom and laundry room combo is an eyesore and will make bathing and laundry a not so pleasurable experience. To keep things organized, you can use these IKEA wall-mounted shelves, drying racks and baskets.

7. Go Vertical

When you’re dealing with small living spaces, going vertical is your best options. Opt for tall slender shelves, like this one from IKEA, which can provide enough laundry room for your washer and dryer. Make the space look classy by hiding the shelves’ contents with a chic matching door.

8. Closet Surprise

Closet Surprise | 10 IKEA Laundry Room Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Image via 2 Bees in a Pod

Turn a boring closet into an ergonomic hidden laundry room, complete with shelves for all your laundry essentials. Achieve the look by using IKEA’s Ekby wall-mounted brackets and shelves.

9. Portable Laundry Ensemble

Still can’t find a suitable place for your laundry room? Maybe what you need is a moveable one. Put together these IKEA pieces and create your very own portable laundry system.  Easily move it near your washer and tuck it away somewhere else after use.

10. Ironing Nook

No spot for your ironing board? Consider this wall-mounted folding table from IKEA as a great alternative to the usual bulky one. It is your ultimate smart solution if you want an accessible ironing and folding area.  Create ample space in your laundry room by folding the table down, when not in use.


Watch this video from IKEA Small Spaces for more laundry room ideas:

Are you excited to start your own makeover project? With these IKEA laundry room ideas and a little handy work, a laundry room can be achieved even in the tiniest of spaces!

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