11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

With everything happening during the Yuletide season, decorating must be the last thing on your mind. But Christmas living room ideas can turn a stressful time into the festive occasion it’s meant to be. So take time out of your hectic holiday schedule to bring to life a few living room Christmas ideas. Your home, your guests, and your family will thank you for it!

Christmas Living Room Ideas You Need This Season

I don’t know about you, but decorating for the holidays is how I de-stress during this jam-packed season! In between parties, events, and celebrations, I always make time to do some decorating at home. But I know how busy we all get during December, so today I’m sharing some simple but holiday-ready Christmas living room ideas to help you. All you need are a few hours, some Christmas decor, and a lot of creativity.


1. Winter Wonderland

Picking a color scheme is one of the simplest Christmas living room ideas ever. Go for all-white (with a few neutrals for contrast), and call it a winter wonderland!


2. Colorful Modern

Colorful Modern | 11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

image via Hi Sugar Plum

On the other hand, getting creative with your Christmas living room ideas will also pay off. Just add a few key pieces like Christmas ornaments, balls, and wreaths! You don’t have to make a complete room transformation.


3. Simple and Cozy

If all else fails, go for simple Christmas living room ideas. Style your mantel, get a few festive throw pillow covers, and you’re good to go!


4. Creative Christmas Trees

Don’t have time to get a Christmas tree? Be creative! This gold tree looks unique and stylish, and it fits right into the trendiest of living rooms.


5. Minimalist

Minimalist | 11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

image via Vintage Whites

Minimalist Christmas living room ideas are a Godsend for busy people. Keep your walls bare, your tree simple, and your garlands plain. They’ll still make a big impact, I’m sure!


6. Styled Mantels

Styled Mantels | 11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

image via Pink Peonies

You don’t have to change every little thing about your living room just for this season. Identify the focal point of your room and just work on that! A styled mantel will draw the eye immediately, and it’ll take less time to put together!


7. Festive Rustic

If you already have a rustic home, you don’t really need to change much. Keep your Christmas decor consistent with rustic ornaments, woven baskets, and classic fabrics.


8. Homey

Homey | 11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

image via Meme Hill

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? For me, it’s decorating stockings with the whole family. Try doing this in your home as well! Each of you can personalize and decorate a stocking, and then just hang them up on the mantel for a homey feel.


9. Scandinavian-Inspired

Scandinavian style is clean and chic. So pick out candle holders, stockings, and even advent calendars with a trendy or stylish feel.


10. Contemporary

Contemporary | 11 Christmas Living Room Ideas For Fuss-Free Holiday Decorating

image via Cuckoo 4 Design

Metals and metallics are contemporary twists on holiday decorating. So don’t switch out your metal coffee table and wall decor just yet! They’ll look great with your tree and all your Christmas lights.


11. Gold and Greens

If you’re not a big fan of busy, over-styled Christmas living room ideas, pick two main colors and build your whole room around them instead. Gold and green is classic yet chic, and it will work in trendy or traditional rooms!
Watch this video to see more Christmas Living Room Ideas:


With these Christmas living room ideas, decorating will be a breeze. You really don’t need to totally redecorate just for the season! Just add a few wreaths, lights, or decor, and be smart and creative about your choices.


Want more holiday inspiration like these Christmas living room ideas? Here’s where to shop for Christmas decor! Which Christmas living room ideas will you use this year? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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