Concrete Block Hacks

by Saturday, June 18, 2022

Concrete blocks are the building blocks of our dream houses, but have you ever tried to use them on something beyond their obvious purpose? Check out this blog for some cool ideas on things to create with concrete blocks.


10 Cool Ideas To Use Concrete Blocks in Your Home


1. Concrete Block Bed Frame

Concrete Block Bed Frame|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via recyclart

Putting concrete under your bed will not only give you much needed height, but you can also use those holes for shoe storage!

2. Concrete Block Bench Stand

Concrete Block Bench Stand|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via kaylasbasement

Stylish but cheap way to create an outdoor bench. See the details here.

3. Concrete Block Side Table

Get inspired by this concrete block side table. Give it some color by putting plants in the holes.

4. Concrete Block Office Desk

Concrete Block Office Desk|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via themerrythought

If you need an office desk in your place, but don’t want to dish out tons of money, create one with concrete blocks!

5. Planters and Bench

Planters and Bench|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via homeli

A multi-purpose concrete block idea. This is perfect for your patio or even interior.

6. Concrete Block Book Shelf

Very minimalist with a modern touch to store all your classic favorites.

7. Concrete Block Stool

Concrete Block Stool|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via brit

One of the easiest stools you can make. Check out the idea here.

8. Concrete Block Centerpiece

Centerpiece Concrete Block|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via designsponge

Looking for a unique centerpiece? This is an awesome idea that separates you from the rest!

9. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via bhg

Another cheap way to utilize an outdoor kitchen. Click here for more ideas.

10. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace|Concrete Block Hacks|See more at

image via borganic

You can even create a complete sofa set and fireplace for your outdoor area!


Did you find these ideas helpful? There’s so much you can do with concrete blocks beyond the obvious. If you have more ideas that you want to share with us, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you guys! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more home decor ideas!


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